Heroes of Gaia Guide: Tips for Fighting 1-8 Star Monsters in the Wilderness:

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Heroes of Gaia

Many players like to fight against computer controlled monsters in the wilderness, but some may not know how to reduce losses and get the greatest benefits. Here the author takes the humans as an example and talks about the tips for fighting against 1-8 Star computer controlled monsters.

Tips for Fighting 1-8 Star Monsters in the Wilderness

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1-2 Star:

Heroes of Gaia

Divide the 4 soldiers (5 soldiers rewarded to Undead) which you got from beginner quests into 4 groups, then you can defeat a 1-2 Star monster easily.

3 Star:

Heroes of Gaia

Divide 20,000 load capacity lvl 2 archers into 4 rows and assign them in slot 1-4, and put lvl 8 soldiers in the first 3 locations, then it is very easy to defeat a 3-Star monster (At the beginning, Undead cannot avoid losses when fighting computer controlled monsters).

4 Star:

Heroes of Gaia

There are lvl 6 range attack soldiers amongst 4-Star monsters, so lvl 6 monks should now play a role. Send about 100,000 load capacity units and assign archers in the 3 front rows and monks in the 4 back rows (First fight the 4-Star range attack monsters, because the range attack monsters are much weaker than the melee monsters), then you can defeat the 4-Star monsters. You may sometimes lose 1-3 archers while fighting a 4-Star monster, but don’t be frustrated because you can get 1,000 experience when defeating a 4-Star monster. 4-Star monster gives pretty more experience than a 3-Star one.

5 Star:

Heroes of Gaia

5-Star monsters almost have the same units of military forces with 4-Star monsters but 5-Star monsters have much more forces in number. Likewise, send lvl 6 soldiers to serve as the main force, and also send lvl 2 archers to act as the cannon fodder. If you send 200,000 load capacity units, you can defeat 5-Star monsters easily. 4000 experience can obtain each time. Whether you are able to defeat 5-Star monsters is pretty important to your development in the early phases.

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