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Welcome to Heroes of the Realm, an exciting Free-to-Play browser-based title that blends key elements from simulation, card battle/collection, and strategic RPG genres into one of the most fun and addictive games you will ever play.

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1. Lord Information

it shows your Lord's level, name, experience points, ranking, and your kingdom.

2. Chat Window

All: You can chat with anyone from your kingdom.
Guild: You can chat with anyone from your guild.
Create Channel: Create a channel to privately talk with members.

3. Main Menu

Heroes: You can see hero information here, as well as access the Combine, Upgrade, Rehire, and Transfer options.
Quest: Check your available quests as well as their requirements and rewards here.
Mail: Receive and send mails here.
Rank: Check the your ranking here.
Store: You can purchase various items with Cubics here.
VIP: You can purchase various items with VIP mileage points here.

4. Settings

You can change the game settings here.

5. Map

You can switch between World and Home view from here.

6. Energy

It shows how much Energy you have left. Energy is used for almost all activities, and you get 1 Energy every 5 minutes. You can also gain Energy from doing quests and participating in events.

7. Resource Information

It shows how much Gold, Food, Ores, Manastones, and Soulstones you currently own.

8. Collect Button

You can collect produced resources by clicking the "Collect" button.

9. Building Options

Function: Access the building's unique function.
Upgrade: Upgrade the building.
Move: Move the building.
Repair: Repair the building.
Repair All: This option can only be found on the Town Hall. It repairs all damaged buildings.
Construction: This option can only be found on the Town Hall. It allows you to construct new buildings.



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