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Defend the realm of Midgard against Loki and his Demon minions as they try to bring eternal night to the world.

Recruit heroes and even the gods themselves to fight for you as you defend the people against a vast enemy.

Upgrade your heroes and give them equipment to better fight off the waves of enemies.


There is a brilliant mix of MMORPG and Tower Defense going on in Heroes of the Banner, and it blends seamlessly into an action packed and fun game where you fight off waves of monsters as they try to get past you to harm the civilians of the world. With a huge range of options, levels and some pretty nice unique twists there is a lot to do in this brilliant new game.

You begin when the goddess Freya grants you a gift and the power to stand up to the demons pouring into the world. To do so you are able to use your new found allies to take over a tower, and use their special skills to shoot down the creatures storming along the road. With a classic tower defense set up you can use these towers to stop them.

Where this game gets interesting is the different characters that you can use in the towers. Each hero you recruit falls into one of 3 classes, the Archer, Mage and Gunner. These basic types will deal damage from their tower and you can upgrade what they do as you gain levels. However there are also 3 specialisms to each class, with some favoring single target damage and others providing large area damage.

Mixing up your heroes abilities and what they can do is key to succeeding in these different levels, as you will need a combination of both to win. Each hero will also have a unique special cooldown that you can use to swing the tide of battle in your favor. These abilities range from slowing your enemies with frost or summoning meteors to land on large groups. These skills are attached to the hero, and they cost some mana to use. Your mana is recharged when you kill enemies, so be sure to use the skills.

As you clear each road you will gain experience, and go up in levels. The higher your level the more traits your towers will have, and you can upgrade them to do special types of attack or damage. Your heroes can also be leveled up to follow you, and they will do more damage and have better defences the higher their level. Your heroes can also use equipment that you find or make once more improving their statistics.

To recruit new heroes you can visit the tavern, and see who is looking for hire. Each day you will receive 5 free Beginner Summons, which will have a small chance of a rarer hero, and begin at least 2 heroes for you to choose from. If you have a book of Advanced Summoning you will have a better chance for a rare follower and from level 30 you can even get epic or godly followers. Simply pick a follower you want, but try to bring in ones with skills that you do not already have or that you use most often so you can balance your team out.

Many of the upgrades and features of the game cost you coins, which you earn from completing quests as well as in the battles themselves. There is also a premium currency in the form of diamonds, which you can only pick up with real money but they can be spent on both VIP status as well as some features of the game.

The gameplay for Heroes of the Banner is really simple to get used to and at the higher levels is pretty intense. Deciding what special ability to use when is a key to success, as well as bringing the correct heroes. This brings both a lot of fun and depth to the game and the mix of both RPG and Tower Defense elements has created a really engaging game.

With it’s ease of access, hugely enjoyable gameplay and lots of different options for advancement Heroes of the Banner has everything you want for both the casual and serious player. Well worth a visit you will find something you can really get into and enjoy when you play.



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