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In order to attack a player, monster, or building, you need to be standing on a directly adjacent tile as per the illustration below:


Note that you can move or stand over buildings and players of your own faction, but will be blocked by players or buildings of the opposite faction.

Now, let’s look at what happen when you initiate a battle in Ruins:


This number represents the HP of the building or wildspawn. Each time you’ll attack, you’ll consume 1 battle try, and the target will lose 1 HP. In essence this number represents the amount of time you’ll have to attack to destroy it.

This cross-swords symbol shows that this player is currently engaged in battle. In Ruins you can only fight one opponent at a time, which means that as long as this symbol is on this player, no one will be able to attack him.

Each battle lasts a certain amount of time, once the cooldown reaches 10 seconds, it will be displayed here.

Players are a bit different than Buildings or Wildspawns:


In the screenshot above, the “2” doesn’t mean that the player has 2 HP, but instead that 2 players of the same faction are standing on the same tile.

Lastly, battles between players are decided in 1 round only, the loser will have to respawn to one of the available respawn points of his/her faction, while the winner will either stay on the same tile (if he was the defender), or be moved to the tiles of the player he just defeated (in case he was the attacker).

In special cases, as in the example above, if there’s more than 1 player on the tile of the loser, the winner will not move (since it’s not possible to move over a player of the opposite faction) until all the players on that tile are defeated.
In order to help you evaluate your chances of victory, you can hover any player and see some basic information displayed such as the player level, Arm Strength, BR, and his heroes choices and rough positioning:


4) Quests

In Ruins, you can get a lot of experience points, prestige, and Exploit points by doing random things, but nothing beats doing quests.

Quests in Ruins are classified in 3 different categories:

    Personal Quests
    Faction Quests

To access the quests of your choice, simply click on the corresponding icon in the Daily Quest menu in Ruins:


4.1) Personal Quests

You can do up to 5 personal quests daily, and the reset time for those is 5:00am (server time).
Upon clicking on the Personal Quest icon, you’ll see a window popup with 3 quests listed a below:


You can refresh the quests up to 3 times for free, after that you’ll have to pay gold.

There are 3 grades for each quest, Green, Purple, and Gold (which gives the best rewards).

As you progress through your quests, you’ll see them updated on screen:


Fulfill the requirement of each quest, and once it’s done, you’ll see a button to collect your rewards.


The Personal Quest icon will be blinking and there’ll be a green label “Claim” below it, each time you complete a quest.

Click on the “Collect Reward” button to claim your quest prizes.

4.2) Faction Quests

Faction quests are a great source of Prestige points. Different than Personal Quests, those quests have both a specific starting time and end time for completion.


The first Faction Quest is “Camp Fight” and starts at 13:00 daily. At that time, you’ll be given 2 random camps to occupy in order to complete the quest, final decision is rendered at the end of the 60mn battle event.

Prizes will be given depending on how well you completed the task given (no camp occupied, 1 camp occupied, 2 camps occupied).

Accomplishing those quests require coordination and participation of the entire faction you belong to.

Also, in order to help you during those numerous battles, you’ll see an Icon show up below your Daily Quests menu in Ruins: “Faction Incentives”


Click on it and you’ll get an extra 30 battle tries added to your current pool!

The second faction quest is “Barrack Battle Defense” and starts at 21:00 daily. For this quest, a target Barrack to destroy will be given, as well as a Barrack to defend.

Alike the previous quest, rewards will be given based on the faction performance.




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