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By Cody Hargreaves from

HellBreed is a new online Action/Adventure MMORPG similar to the hugely popular Diablo titles from Blizzard Entertainment that can be played through an Internet browser.

While visually unimpressive by today's standards, HellBreed has adopted a traditional look and feel that suits the gameplay style perfectly, and too, helps it to offer a game experience reminiscent of a much older time, a time where story and character trumped shiny pictures every time.

Hellbreed Screenshot

Naturally, as a level 1 character, you're no match for this demon and must run for your life through a small, barely noticeable tutorial that will guide you through the first level of the game, and teach you everything you need to know to survive.

Perhaps the most appealing element of this gameplay style is the quest for treasure. One could simply stroll through the shards (levels) of HellBreed with only killing on their mind, and would likely progress through most levels without difficulty.

Hellbreed Screenshot

However, players with a lust for exploration will find treasures and secrets hidden throughout every level, and finding them all can quickly become a time-consuming addiction. This is worsened by the addition of different types of Orbs, which contain the power to imbue your weapons with various damage increasing properties.

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