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KeyWord: Hellbreed, Realtime, Warfare, 3D

Hellbreed is a realtime warfare themed exciting browser game with sinister Hack and Slash action and fantastic 3D graphics. Have you entered the Hellbreed world for a fantastic journey? Now let me give you a brief game preview.


The World of Light Breed is surrounded by chaos and break into dozens of shards. Your mission is to fight your way as an epic hero with unique weapons, powerful spells, etc. Only with your help can you bring a peaceful paradise to what it once was.

At the beginning of your adventure in Hellbreed, there are from character classes for you to choose: Masters, Hunter, Assassin, Warrior and Mage. Whatever a heroic character you choose can you be available to explore the fantasy world. You can run a risk all by yourself or through the teamwork. In Hellbreed, you boldly face the creatures of your opponent Darken and try to unite the world Manjuri again, which has been smashed by the Gods.

Currently, the pre-registration for the new Action-Browser Game Hellbreed is available, and you can sign up for the latest updates and get access to the world first once it is released.


  • Complex monster AI
  • More than 250 monsters and NPCs
  • More than 120 splitter worlds
  • Powerful items
  • More than 70 companions and combat machines
  • Individual character design
  • Exciting background story
  • To slay monsters without limitations is



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