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Hearts of Iron

Hearts of Iron, the Card Game is a free to play online collectible card game where players get to re-enact World War II in their browsers. The game features over 120 unique cards with authentic World War II artwork, which players can use to create decks according to their liking. Here is the game review written by Scott Osborne from, check below.

Hearts of Iron

One beneficial thing about Hearts of Iron's real-time gameplay is that it can reasonably simulate the coordination of military units better than a turn-based design might. One of the most unusual and interesting features of Hearts of Iron is its combat coordination box. When you engage an enemy unit, this box will appear and let you choose different tasks for your attacking units. A land unit might be able to blitz (attempt to crash through enemy lines in a high-speed armored or mechanized attack) or feint (probe to discover enemy force compositions but withdraw before the fighting gets too heavy). Depending on their composition, air squadrons might be able to carry out tactical or strategic bombing missions, drop paratroopers, and more. Naval units also enjoy a number of different options, including patrolling to interdict enemy supply convoys (which you can also set up and manage for your own country).

With the combat coordination box, you can actually set the desired arrival time of each friendly unit into an enemy province. This way you can, to a degree, simulate the sorts of combined-arms maneuvers that characterized World War II. For instance, you can send a Panzer division with tactical air support roaring into an enemy province a few hours before your infantry march in.




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