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Hearts of Iron

Hearts of Iron The Card Game is a free to play online collectible card game where players get to re-enact World War II in their browsers. The game features over 120 unique cards with authentic World War II artwork, which players can use to create decks according to their liking.

First, a little overview. In this game you will invest resources in factories and infrastructure, create and deploy your combat forces, and engage in combat with another player. To begin, you will select your deck and your initial combat doctrine, and then prepare your hand. The game progresses as you play factory cards to build factories, deploy unit cards to the field, and play any additional doctrine cards you may draw, which increase your attack capabilities.

When you have enough units for an attack, you can challenge your opponent to battle, and score Victory Points if your opponent fails to defend. The general strategy of the game is to wear down your opponent’s army until he or she cannot defend.

Choose Your Deck

The first order of business is to choose a deck that you will play with. Begin by choosing one of the three starter decks: Axis, Allies or Comintern. These decks have differences in play style and units, as we will notice later. In time you will also be able to make your own decks, but for now let’s just choose one of the starter decks.

Hearts of Iron

To select a deck, click and drag one of your decks into the rec-tangle at the top-left, then press the OK button at the bottom of the window.

Note that the rectangle lights up as you drag the deck. Highlights like this indicate where cards can be placed.

Choose Your Doctrine

Next you will choose your opening doctrine. Your doctrine cards greatly affect your style of play, as they determine how you can attack your opponent, and the result of your attack, if it goes undefended. Just so you know what you’re choosing, let’s take a look at one of these doctrine cards:

Hearts of Iron

Note especially the doctrine’s Effect. At the beginning, it is good to choose a doctrine that awards Victory Points (VP), since you will need 7 VPs to win the game.

Your choice of doctrine determines your initial attack option. You begin the game with the one doctrine that you select now, but in each starter deck there are a couple of other doctrines that you can put into play later in the game, so by the end of a game you may have multiple ways to attack your opponent.

Hearts of Iron

Select a Doctrine by dragging one of the available doctrines into the selection rectangle, then press the OK button.

Consider Your Hand

You are dealt 10 cards to start out, but you will have to discard 4 of these before you begin, as your maximum hand size is 6 cards. Don’t worry if you run out of time during this phase. If you do, the computer will automatically select some reasonable discards.First, let’s take a look at the different card types you can encounter. In your hand, you may find factories (decorated with green frames), combat units (decorated with red frames) and doctrines (framed in blue, as you already know).

Hearts of Iron

To discard, drag a card from your hand and place it back on your draw pile. Later in the game you discard into the slot, but your initial discards are returned to your deck.

Here is a short runthroug of the basics of this game. Watch, learn, play!



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