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GunSwords by One Button Studio is a squad based battle area that goes in a turn based format. It runs of the unity engine which is gaining popularity quickly and offers a lot of flexibility for game developers to mess around with. The game is currently in its open beta stage and is playable in English or Russian.

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Essentially it is a room based turn based strategy game. Players find rooms to join up in and queue up against other players or the AI. The base of the game is fairly solid as it has some pretty nice aspects such as having a line of site and visual range, where obstacles can block your line of site from attacking or even finding out where the enemy is. The general mechanics are also fairly easy to learn and don't really require a tutorial (which the game lacks) if you have played at least one turn based strategy game. You have movement, attacks, and after that is done you either wait or defend. Very straight forward and easy to learn and remember. The battle grid also offers a hexagon type grid instead of the typical square grids that you normally see, which offer a bit more range of movement.

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In between battles you can chat with other players, set up your troops (and their gear), check the player (and your own) ratings and stats, and do some practice matches or try your luck against other players. There really isn't much you can say about it other than it does what it needs to and offers all the options you would think is needed.

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Where Gunblade seems to fall fairly hard is that it lacks a lot of content to make people actually stick to it. The battle areas are fairly small, so when a unit tries to hide from your sight, it is fairly easy to counter that and know where they ended up. The AI battles are also very easy and dull. With just 1-2 units you can easily beat the small unit they send against you with ease and then you could either play it again or try to find a match; which gets boring fast and makes the games life-span rather short – especially when the player base seems rather small and makes it fairly hard to get a match most of the day, adding any sort of variety would combat that some and make the game a fair bit more interesting.

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Graphically the game is not ugly; in fact it is rather well done. The character models have a good amount of detail and don't look too cartoony or clunky, as you would expect from a small, fairly unknown studio. You can actually tell the work they put into the characters and the landscapes.

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Unfortunately first impressions of the game are not that great. Gameplay is interesting enough, but it lacks enough content to make it really stick and get players to stay with it. Maps are fairly small, which does hurt some of the tactical use of the maps, especially when units can be up to five characters. This seems like one of those games that needs some re-working on content and features before it comes back out again.

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I have been playing mmos since about 1999, and haven't stopped since, and I cannot even remember when I started console/pc gaming. I'm an avid gamer who does dive back into the real world from time to time. My all time goal is to start my own business, but that is taking a side step as I am going through college.



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