Guardians of Divinity Guide: Boss Map

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You can find all sorts of bosses on the Boss Map.


World Boss
You can challenge world bosses every day at 10:00am, 1:00pm, 5:00pm and 11:00pm. You’ll receive different rewards for each boss, depending on your skill.

Server Bosses
Respawn time: Every day at 4:30pm
Requirement: you need to reach lvl 100
Players will be ranked according to the damage dealt to the server boss. If you kill the boss, you will also receive a Platinum Chest.
Damage Rank   Rewards
1                        1 Diamond Chest
2                        1 Gold Chest
3                        1 Gilded Chest
4-10                   1 Silver Chest
11-20                 1 Iron Chest
>20                    1 Wooden Chest

VIP Bosses
You can get massive loot from VIP bosses. Reach the required VIP level and try your luck in the dungeons.

Cross-server Boss
You need to reach level 201 first in order to fight the Cross-server Boss. Each fight with the boss is a weekly event, players get together on Wednesday evenings at 8:30pm. Rewards are decided according to your total damage to the boss.
Damage Rank    Rewards
1                         1 Diamond Chest
2                         1 Gold Chest
3                         1 Gilded Chest
4-10                    1 Silver Chest
11-20                  1 Iron Chest
>20                     1 Wooden Chest



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