Grepolis Guide: The Ultimate Leadership Guide

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There are huge numbers of players in Grepolis who would like to know how to form a good alliance and how to lead it. Here is a ultimate leadership guide for you all. You may not agree with all of it, but its advice…

Grepolis Guide: The Ultimate Leadership Guide

By Osl112 on official forum

Starting Off

Leading is a massive time commitment. You will need to be super active if you want to become a good leader. You will be overseeing actions within the alliance, sorting out requests, overlooking the forums, researching other alliances and dealing with opponents. Last of all, but by far not the least, you will be leading your alliances members...

If you feel that you are a good enough, experienced player as well as being active enough, it is time to plan your alliance. What type of alliance do you wish to create? How will it work? You have a number of options.

First, choose what type of alliance you wish to have. These options are key to how all works out in the end.


A premade alliance is a great idea if you are experienced and active on the external forums. A premade is where you recruit members before the world actually starts. This way, you will be able to organise the alliance before the world starts. You are also able to pick who you want before they are gobbled up by other alliances, able to recruit your friends and other experienced players. You can also set a criteria for recruiting (experienced etc, but you are unable to set criteria such as "only two members per island" or "other ### points please"). You won't have to chance it on whether decent members are in your area or whether anyone else joins, as you will already have an alliance before you start. Just don't forget to tell your members what direction the alliance will start.

+ You are (almost) guarranteed to have members you trust join. You can organise the alliance and plan with members before the world begins.

- If you all start in one key direction, you may end up with three, four or even five members on the same island as each other and may struggle growing later.
Certain criteria cannot be set. No guarantee that all these pre-recruited people will join.

MRA (Mass Recruiting Alliance)

An MRA is where you go into a world and recruit everyone you can. When someone creates an MRA, there is often little, or no criteria whatsoever. Since an MRA may let anyone into an alliance, you may later find out some players lack fundementals, such as even being able to play or communication. As well as this, with a non-select bunch of members, not all of them will play with the alliance and many will drift away and won't help your alliance. Due to this, MRAs often fail or go "out of control". However, it may work if someone recruits according to a criteria. MRAs are often looked upon as nooby alliances.

+ Recruiting criteria may be fully set.

- MRAs often consist of 100+ players, leading and trusting 100+ players can get out of control. Recruiting anyone (as MRAs do) could mean recruiting spies or inactive players into your alliance, who won't help the alliance go further. No guarantee that anyone will join the alliance.



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