Grepolis Guide: Guide to Being Farmed

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You are a pacifist in Grepolis and never attack other cities in your area. You have been only asked for a few resources from the farming villages. However, the evil person attacks your city while you're offline and your warehouse is empty. So what do you do? Check below.

Grepolis Guide: Guide to Being Farmed

By Uona of official forum

1. Research city guard. Militia are incredibly damaging troops that are essentially free for you. They provide 0 benefits to the attacker while taking out some of his troops and yes even providing you with valuable free bp.

2. Whenever you see an attack coming call out the militia and let him fight it. If you are done playing for the day and the big bad farmer hasn’t attacked you yet make sure to call the militia before you log off on the off chance that he attacks 3 hours after you log out.

3. Do not build troops- This is an important point. If im farming someone im actually happy that they produce troops. Bp is an incredibly valuable resource that im not sure i have a constant supply off. so if you provide me with 20 or 30 bp a day by producing that much troops ill gladly take it instead of your resources. After all every 300 bp is worth 15000 18000 15000 resources.

4. Spend all resources- Before an attack hits or before you log out make sure you spend all your resources. Ideally the best situation for you is he loses a lo of troops due to your militia while gaining o resources or bp.

5. Only build the following buildings-

a. city wall- this increases the affectivity of your militia
b. Farms- Every additional level you produce gives you 15 more militia to fight with.
c. Temple- for reasons ill go into next you need a lot of favor.

Remember attackers can only destroy city walls so if you have a choice of what to build go for the farm or temple.

6. Change the god you worship in the temple to zeus- He loves the downtrodden. Do not do anything with this favor until you reach 200. Once you get 200 cast the spell bolt at your attacker’s city. (go to map click his city click on enact divine power click bolt) if you get a message saying you are not allowed to it means one of 2 things.

a. he is under Athena’s protection- in which case you wait for it to run out and then cast the bolt.
b. Some other kind person has cast bolt on him within the last 4 hours for being a meanie. In which case you then wait till your allowed to cast bolt and then cast it. you have 500 favor space anyway.



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