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This is a advanced guide for Grepolis that was made by GodofWar in the official wiki. The original one contains five parts: Strategy Overviews, Differences in Strategies, Beginning strategy basis, Late strategy basis, When to quit. Here we will only take the third and fourth part. About the beginning strategy and Late strategy. But the rest parts of the guide also worth your time spend on reading them.

Btw, for those who don't know Grepolis. Grepolis is the third browser based game of InnoGames. In Grepolis, the developers of Tribal Wars and The West invite their users to a journey in the footsteps of Alexander the Great, Ulysses and the beautiful Helene – it is going to the Ancient Greece.

Advanced Guide 1

By GodofWar in the official wiki


Beginning Strategy Basis

Similar ideals to tribal wars pro strategies however far different ways to get there. The widely accepted beginning strategy that marks a good player is someone that upgrades their resources from 0 or 1 to about 4 or 5, that person then gets an academy which allows them to research specific types of units in the mean time that person trains about 9 more swords and has 15 to start farming barbarian cities or abandoned cities. Then you go one to create specific units to maximize farming and in preparation for taking out a very high point player to now have a great farm. Most people in Grepolis will learn these units are start with 10-15 swords, then go for slingers and archers. Archers have the most infantry carrying capacity. Slingers have the most damage however it is Shot damage not stab which is weaker to start with. However because they have more(19) we will start with them. Now we go for Hoplites which are (16) stab damage. I actually don't like going them as apart of my farming group because their significantly slower movement speed. Although to start the 16 stab is better then the 19 for winning battles at the early point, i really hate their speed, it will slow your farming speed parties by 50% which is a lot, in some cases hours.

Which brings us to strategy two which is similar however one main difference, which is dont waste to many resources on archers slingers etc and go straight for the research Horsemen. Sure you wont be as successful as an army as someone or a competitor, however in the long run you will be more successful unless they managed to have a better farm area then you.

Judging your farm area really comes down to how many inactive players or abandoned villages you have. You want to have which is a rare but possible scenario 75% of your surrounding island cities to be like this. I will satisfy for 50% any day of the week. You do however must have a couple active players in your area so you may conquer their cities or use them as farms later on. Let them build the cities for you then you can use them for resources once that player upgraded them for you.

Some player making farming secondary and go right for killing all the active players in their area by getting a good 200-250 slingers/hoplites so that they do not have to worry about being in any danger for a while. This will slow you down a little bit compared to the previous strategies however i use and i suggest if you are not on as much as the top players who are usually on 24/7 by using an account duo to use this strategy. It's effective and it's nice not to have to worry.

Spike your farms. If you calculated when your farms will have resources again and you attack and they are empty someone else is using them. This really gets me angry so i go off on a rampant rage and kill everyone in my area for daring to take my farms, even if they plead with me to live. So if you are nicer then me simply take 10 swords and put in that village and let them lose their farming party. That will really make them angry, then send a mail to them laughing. No foul language that is against the rules, and no spam. For more rule/message related detail please read the rules section.

You can repeat these strategies over and over for every cities you conquer for a while, however i recommend having a cities or 2 for pure defensive troops that you can use to support other cities just incase.

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Here is Grepolis Guide: The World of the Gods



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