Grand Voyage, an Adventure to Unknown Peril

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Grand Voyage is a RPG web game with the backdrop of European discovery and the age of sail. It shows us the original magnificent European Age of Sail. Players will be familiar with the distinctive cities and foreign customs via playing Grand Voyage. Players can earn silver and prestige through trading and acquire various materials for making ships by battle.

To promote the ship team power, it is important to upgrade and equip your ship and recruit legend captains. Come to join Grand Voyage, exciting trading and vital sea battle will make you feel the immersive Age of Sail.


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1.Real Trading goods with Regional Features

Grand Voyagerestores the goods in the 16th century. In the Mediterranean and the North Sea, the Baltic coast, there are many well-developed maritime transport and trade ports. Those ports produce goods with unique geographical characteristics.

2.Creative Stock-Style Trading System, Changing at Every Moment

In the game of Grand Voyage, prices of all goods are due to the trading activities. If many players buy the same goods, the price of the goods will go up. Prices of goods will refresh every 30 seconds. The changing price is one exciting part of the sea trading. Big profit and the sense of achievement in business are available when Buy Low Sell High is successful.

3.Cross-Server Battlefield, There is No best but Only Stronger.

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In the game of Grand Voyage, exciting sea battle is not only limited in one server. You can cross server and fight shoulder to shoulder with other players from other server in the same battle. You can see the sublime legendary figures; even become one of the sublime legendary figures. Nothing is impossible. Come to join the game!

4.Rich Social System

Rich social systems, such as friend, opponent, society and alliance, are accessible in Grand Voyage. Tons of rewards are yours if you and your team challenge the instance. You can also grab your opponent, your enemies mercilessly; Society, alliance, all the human interactions will bring you new gaming experience.

5.Restore Historic Period

After Renaissance, due to geographical discovery, wealth stimulated commercial prosperity and technological advances which made transoceanic trade become possible. Therefore, the age of sail was coming.

Grand Voyage Screenshot

In the game of Grand Voyage, art style restores the historic style and features. You will feel the immersive spirit of adventure filled with fearless. You can see the various buildings with Mediterranean Style, sailings once famous overseas, magnificent fleets and adventurous voyagers.

Grand Voyage with strong sense of cross-era can make you from an anonymous small captain to a great voyager by experiencing game process step by step. Come to experience discovering the New World and become a famous adventurous voyager. It is in the Grand Voyage!





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