Grand Voyage Guide: Instance

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Instance is a very important system in Grand Voyage. Ship building material, ship equipment, captain's skill book, goods card and upgrade card are all dropped from instance.

Instance drops will be stored in the treasure cabin of ship temporarily. You can transfer drops to the warehouse only when you are in your own city. The capacity of treasure cabin depends on the VIP level. Once the treasure cabin is full, no more drops can be stored.

Instance level is divided into elementary, intermediate and advanced. The higher level you challenge the more quality of drops you get. AD instance drops are richer than normal instance. Certain VIP levels are required to enter AD instance which also requires gold. Free enter chances are available for different VIP levels.

New enemies and drops will increase if challenge is successful. Instance has time limitation and you must finish the challenge within required periof of time.

Guild instance supports multi player challenge and will drop greater items.



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