Grand Epic Online Review: Time for Redefining Browser MMORPG

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Grand Epic Online

By BBGsite user Redhairpig

Ever since there came the concept of browser game, editorialists have been exclaiming over the new dimension of computer gaming. But as for browser-based MMORPGs, most we get in past years are only disappointments that are more of a texting game with very limited, if none at all, visual or action elements. Good thing is we now see real progress.

We finally see a browser game that lives up to the category of MMORPG and mark as an epic in the industry as its name implies. Its name is Grand Epic Online. In this innovative browser-based virtual world, you do not have to read tons of dreary texts nor have to look over a whole page in search of a text link to the next phase of game. Instead, the operation panel is embedded in an exquisite background where avatars move, talk, fight and cast magic spells.

It is a tropical coastal village where players start the storyline by flirting with a girl who takes up a large part of the quests in the first stages. Afterwards, players will be taken to various spots of interest for different adventures and to complete the main storyline. Some of the quests may seem dull and repeated though, it does present a remarkable image of fairyland in Chinese conception.

Sure there are other browser MMORPGs that feature nice artwork, but most of them stay static and put in the background. As to the combat, none of the previous works even dare to try a real-time one in browser, which is a major surprise to see in Grand Epic.

All does not necessarily mean Grand Epic is perfect, which also has flaws, especially in combat details, but it does bring us to see progress and endeavors to change, and make us to rethink about the scope of browser RPG, where breakthroughs can be made to deliver real-time fighting in gorgeous art design and alien cultural settings.



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