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Grand Epic Online

    Have you been thrown into a panic by the various and brutal monsters? Do you wish to become as mighty and fierce-looking as they are? Or do you wish to take someone in the game by surprise in a scary monster’s shape? Here is the shapeshift system that delivers this very new type of fun!

    Shapeshift Skill is one highlighted innovative feature in Grand Epic Online, unprecedented in any Previous works. Players can learn Shapeshift Skill by accomplishing the quest from Kong Fang in Chang’an City, and afterwards turn the character’s shape into almost any monsters in the game. Turning into different monsters will get the player different bonus enhancement of attributes, including maximum HP, maximum MP, defense power, attacking power, etc. This peculiar skill not only delivers you the possibilities of combating under various covers, but also enhancement of your battle capacity, which is a combination of the merits of both fun and practicality.

    Here is the sequence of events you need to follow for the learning of Shapeshift Skill:

    1) Go to Shine Star Fairy (230, 215), Chang’an City, to get the quest of Shapeshift Skill
    2) You’ll be informed that the book recording this skill is in the hand of Kong Fang
    3) Massacre dozens of Chang’an Gangsters near the coordinate 172, 232.
    4) After your gaining of Cloud-riding Shoes, go to Kong Fang for 50,000 EXP and the book.
    5) Double-click on the book, and you’ll learn Shapeshift Skill.

    The shape-shifts that brings attribute bonus are usually shifting into bosses, rather than random monsters. And also, you can make a shift two hours after one successful shape-shifting into a monster.

    To check the attribute bonus brought by shape-shifting, you can buy a Shapeshift Instruction from Kong Fang, Chang’an City. And when the shape-shift succeeds, double-click on the book to check what attribute bonus it has brought you.

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