Goodgame Empire: Tips to Make It through the Battle of Berimond

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War is usually all about power – at least that’s the case in the conflict that unravels in the Kingdom of Berimond in Goodgame Empire. After having had to witness the death of both of his sons, who were killed in a hunting accident, King Adalbert was overcome by grief, sadness, and depression. He soon lost his will to live and quickly perished. He was buried next to his sons, which meant that the Kingdom of Berimond had lost their leader and the heirs to the throne within a few weeks. What followed next was an intense power struggle between the most powerful houses of the kingdom. The House of Urisdae and the House of Gerbrant both laid claim to the throne.


In the returning event called “Battle of Berimond,” you will automatically be assigned to one of the two factions. Your goal is to support the House and make sure that it will be the rightful heir to the throne. In order to participate in the event, you will have to have reached level 30 in Goodgame Empire. One of the more significant features of the event allows you to battle it out against players from your alliance if they support the opposing House. In return, it is obviously also possible to support players of the same faction who are usually not your allies in the real time strategy game.
Choose a Camp

At the center of the Berimond event in Goodgame Empire, you will find your very own camp, which you will gradually expand. Before you start, you will decide on one of three different camp levels. There’s a small version that doesn’t require you to spend any resources at all, a middle one which costs 9,000 units of wood and stone, and a big one which you have to purchase with rubies (premium). The camps of both factions will be placed opposite of each other right at the frontline. During the event, you will spend a lot of time fighting against inimical camps. It will not be possible to conquer them however.

Both factions have defenses that can be captured by the other side. Luckily, you can see the incoming attacks and make sure to send defenses to prevent a takeover.
The More Villages Are Captured, the Better!

The amount of villages that you capture determines how many resources you can produce in your camp. It is recommended to conquer the villages of your opponents, as it not only strengthens your House, but also weakens the enemy. Before you do so however, you should attack the respective towers. These are guarded by strong NPC soldiers, but once they are destroyed, they will remain like that for the rest of the event. Towers cannot be recaptured. As soon as all of them are destroyed, you can attack your opponent’s capital. The Battle of Berimond ends, once a capital is under siege and under control of the enemy.

Naturally, you can win all kinds of rewards for participating in the event. You can earn not only rubies, but also very strong troops and decorations for your castle.



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