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Goodgame Empire is a free-to-play medieval-fantasy strategy game in which you are taking the role of a new ruler. The objective is to build up your own castle, create a powerful army and fight epic PvP (Player vs Player) battles!

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You start off the game as the lord of a castle whereby you have to turn your small fortress into the capital of the entire kingdom in this exciting online strategy game. You would need to assemble a mighty army to defend your realm and extend your territory. To be able to do so, you have to first establish an efficient economic system to support the production of troops. It is also crucial to forge alliances with other players worldwide to crush your enemies, and become the sole ruler of a mighty empire!


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Once you have logged into the game, you are immediately prompted to begin setting up to launch an attack.

Assignments will be assigned to you when you first begin the game and it will be indicated on the bottom right of your screen. (I would also like to add that the game is very player-friendly since it has such gigantic notifications that you definitely cannot miss.)

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Goodgame Empire walks the line carefully between casual and simple, with gameplay that's less challenging than it is simply involving. The time-based construction and objectives won't be for everyone, since it means you both can't really play for long stretches at a time, and you're forced to check back frequently to make sure everything is in good working order. At the same time, however, unlike a lot of games with similar gameplay models, Goodgame Empire not only offers you a lot to do and has a surprisingly high quality design, it doesn't nag you to spend money on it, or feels like it's trying to force you to do so by ridiculously padding the costs of things in game. While it's true to get the most out of it without paying you'll want to be playing frequently and for a long time, there's a surprising amount of things to do and see to keep you doing so. Random encounters with highwaymen you can bribe or battle, research trees, regular treasure discoveries and rewards, artifacts to forge, new kingdoms to travel to, and more ensure that there's a lot to do.

Though you are protected from being attacked by other players for seven real time days once you start playing, it's sort of disappointing that you can't choose to play only single-player if you aren't interested in competitive play, even if it were made a permanent choice. The game itself doesn't really have much of a story beyond "get bigger, smash everyone else!", but its beautifully drawn with colourful style. Chances are you'll find it still gets a little repetitive, especially with a lot of its content locked until you reach staggeringly high levels, there's still a massive amount of content to be had, and what feels like an impressive focus on quality. If you're looking for an engaging casual simulation that fits into your spare time with enough to keep you busy for a long time, Goodgame Empire is definitely work checking out.



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