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A lot of people asking about sabotage, fires and burning other people. To be quite brutally honest, these sadistic questions from pyromaniacs are driving me nuts.

I want to give everyone in the game a tip: sabotage is bad.

Now, I could go on about how damaging it is to the one who gets sabotaged, but that's kind of the point. People do it to hurt other people, cruel as that is. So I'm going to explain why it hurts the one who sends the sabotage.

1. Sabotage wastes agents

Agents, spies, call them what you will, are being wasted. You can do an espionage whether on a RBC or a player, whether economic or military. Unless your spies are busy doing sabotage. Which is more useful? Temporarily damaging your opponents, or gaining important and useful information to defeat both NPCs and players? Definitely the second.

2. Sabotage costs coins

It's as simple as that. Sabotage costs coins. Okay, yes, maybe most high levels have more coins than they can use. But with glory banners and looting thingies, crafting new equipment and buying normal armourer equipment, coins are getting more useful. What if, in the next update, they announce that you can buy glory or XP or something important with coins, and you've wasted all yours trying to harm your neighbour? And if you ever need coins - for a long horse journey or for a new, really expensive, coins-only building - you'll regret wasting these coins on sabotage. So don't do it.

3. Sabotage only angers opponents

If you get caught on a sabotage mission, your would-be-victim knows what you tried to do. And they'll take revenge, if they can. And if you've been attacking them, they're going to suspect that it's you. So don't sabotage the big players. And don't sabotage the small ones because they might be friends with the big ones (a lot of higher levels are trying to stop bullying these days ). At least, if you want YOUR castle to stay fire-free.

4. No advantages. At all

What do you get from sabotage? It's not wood, stone or food, coins, rubies, troops or tools. You can't gain honour or glory, or get equipment. Sabotage won't earn you any XP, and you can't unlock anything from doing it. So what's the point?

Now, I won't go so far as to say that sabotage is useless. There are a very RARE occasions which may make it okay to sabotage someone. But they are tactical and special, and sabotage is not something you should do on a regular basis.

1. "Perform a sabotage with at least 50% damage - 30 achievement points" - I'm not going to stop anyone from getting a nice 30 achievement points. Not considering you just have to do a single sabotage. But try and find an inactive player to do it on. Not someone who might actually be effected by it.

2. To test how active a player is. Now, this probably isn't something you should do every time you want to attack a player, but if you want to capture their outpost, this is a handy trick. Sabotage them (in any castle/outpost), and see how long it takes them to put the fires out. If they don't put the fires out, you'll know it's safe to attack (presuming you have enough troops to get past the army).

3. When someone's broken the rules. If someone's broken the rules, report them to support, but take your own revenge as well. Sabotage them. Whether they've multi-accounted and support refused to listen, or whether they swore at you and made real life threats, sabotage them. Assuming, of course, that they can't get back at you.

Oh, and in that situation, see if you can get them kicked out of their alliance as well. :P

I think that's about it. Sabotage is terrible... for everyone except GGS. You see, I have a theory: Goodgame Studios get people to sabotage each other, burn each other, hurt each other, so people will buy more rubies to help themselves get back on their feet. Sad, but probably true.

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