Goodgame Empire: How to Plan and Execute an Attack

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An empire doesn’t build itself. The Goodgame Empire community is well aware of this. Anyone who wants power and honor in the strategy game has to work for it. Naturally, there are quite a few quests that can be completed diplomatically, but sometimes you need to let swords, axes, and bows and arrows speak for themselves. How does an attack work in Goodgame Empire? How can you wisely plan an attack that will lead to success? Here have a few tips and tricks that we want to share with you to guarantee that you leave the battlefield as a winner!


Find Out What You Have to Expect!

First and foremost, you should learn the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent to successfully plan your attack in the browser based game. There is a significant difference between attacking another player or a robber baron. The first thing you should do is send an agent to spy on the inimical castle. He will be able to inform you on your opponent’s troops. That allows you to improve your army before attacking if necessary. You should also analyze who it is that you’re trying to attack. Look at the color of the castle’s name to find out whether that player is an ally of yours or maybe even has a peace contract with you. Naturally, you should think twice before you interrupt the peace. If you’re at war with the castle that you are considering to attack, you obviously don’t have to reconsider.

How Will You Attack?

Once you’ve made your choice to send your armed troops towards an inimical castle, you have to decide from which side you plan to attack them. Each castle in Goodgame Empire has a front and two sides. You can either focus your attack on the middle or send a few of your troops to attack from one or both sides. Keep in mind however that only two types of troops can attack from the sides, but more than six from the middle. Attacking the front should therefore always be the basis of your attack. You can simply move the types of troops by dragging and dropping them into the respective slots. Here you can also decide how many soldiers should head into battle. The little “plus” button increases the number while the “minus” icon decreases them. As soon as you reach a higher level in the strategy game, you can also choose to attack your enemies in several waves. This allows you to choose which troops head into battle when.

The attack interface in Goodgame Empire!

Keep in mind that the battle doesn’t begin immediately after you send your troops into battle. Your soldiers have to walk for a while before they reach the inimical castle. The further away it is, the longer they will walk. Don’t expect to completely surprise your enemy either. They can see you as soon as you are in their range of vision. This allows them to defend themselves against your attack. But hey, the game has to be fair!

The Reward of War

If you manage to defeat your opponent, your soldiers will loot the inimical castle. However, your troops can only carry a certain amount of resources. It is specified how much each unit can carry in Goodgame Empire. It is also not possible to loot all valuables that your enemy might have. You can also look forward to winning honor points and rising up in the ranking.



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