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With the new update coming up and the level cap being increased to 70, I thought it was fitting to make a new kingdom in Goodgame Empire for more advanced players. But not like the regular new kingdoms that was introduced a while ago. This kingdom is a bit different, and it should bring some fun and make the game a bit more interesting.

Unlock level: 70
Resources needed to enter: Undetermined, GGS can figure that out.

Just Like the Old Kingdoms, But With A Twist!

The new water kingdom is almost exactly like the old kingdoms. Same exact buildings and all, except for two buildings, an estate (which you can only build to level one), and a sailmaker (replaces the stables)! More about that later. Also, just like the blade coast, there will be a ship parked just outside of your castle, which you can donate resources to upgrade it. More about that later, too. Your castle, which is on an island, will be surrounded by water when you go and visit it. Since the islands are basically made out of rocks, only two plants for resource will be at 100%. In the map of the kingdoms, this new kingdom will be located in the bottom left between the main empire and the burning sands. FYI: You ARE able to have moats, and you still get the bonus (even though your island is surrounded by water anyways). The new resources, which are coming up soon, will be available in this kingdom.

Resource Villages AND Outposts!

The new world map is going to be somewhat like the old ones, with water separating every island. On the world map, you will find resource villages and outposts. First, you are able to have an estate, but only to level one. This is because you are able to only capture one outpost. Like the main empire, there are two resources you are able to have, one more abundant than the other, and one resource is always food. Shiny outposts are available too, and the 100% occupancy rate is the same as in the main empire. Second are the resource villages. You are able to capture 3 resource villages of each resource, with 30% bonus with each village.

Also on the world map, there are towers called Hydra Towers. They are exactly the same as the robber barons castles, except they use new hydra swordsmen and hydra archers. You can obtain these new warriors with the renegade event. The tower level ranges from at least level 65 to whatever GGS wants the max level to be. You can also gain regular equipment from these towers. Like the new kingdoms that are already there, there will be Hydra Fortresses that you can attack and they will also attack you.

New Warship

In this kingdom, there will be a new ship, and works like the ship in the Blade Coast event. The ship can be upgraded to level ten, with more resources that you need to donate to upgrade the ship. You start out with a ship level of one (obviously). With every ship level the radius increases by 50 units, with the place from where you are starting the attack. So with level 1, your ship can travel 50 units in any direction, with level 2, it becomes 100 units in any direction, etc. Once level 10 is reached, there is no limit and you can go anywhere in the kingdom. Beyond the limit, the attack will not be sent, and you will be notified to upgrade your ship to attack there. Commander and castellan equipment and effects will not change. There is no limit to how many units the ship can hold, but the level of the target determines that limit. With the new boat, there will no longer be a stables, it will be replaces with a new building called a sailmaker. Same effects as the stables, though, with same upgrades costs, too. There will be a sail with coins and two sails that you can get with rubies. Like the horses, the sails will be visible on the boat that represents the moving army.

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