Golden Age Review: Mediaeval Knights Return

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Golden Age

By Sain, BBGsite Reviewer Team member

After a long time waiting, the highly-anticipated webgame Golden Age finally opens to players. If you have been intensely curious about this game as I am, then please join me traveling through this golden land and find out what makes it a "classic browser-based MMO of the second generation".

First Impression: (Highest Score: 10)

Graphics & Soundtrack: 9
Quest Contents: 8
Game Controls: 9
Game Systems: 8
Newbie Tutorial: 9
Average Score: 8.6

Advantages: Exquisite graphics, creative and comprehensive game systems, easy to learn.
Disadvantages: Takes up relatively large memory; the load time is a little bit long when logging in the game for the first time.

Graphics & Soundtrack:

Golden Age has exquisite graphics. The mixed style of RTS and RPG elements refreshes you immediately at the first sight. No matter buildings, ships or just backgrounds, they all give out dense charm of medieval age, evoking your nostalgia. So if you are a fan of medieval style, this game is perfect for you.

Golden Age Screenshot

1. Neutral Area

After you finish the character creation procedure, you will come to the neutral area which is based on side-scrolling mode. In this neutral area, you can talk to many NPCs for questing or trading.

Golden Age Screenshot

2. Scenario of Construction

Similar to traditional RTS game, Golden age also gives you full opportunities to build a city of your own. Through city construction and army training, you can make yourself stronger and stronger.

You may feel that the construction scenario is a little dull and crude when you just enter there, but after you get familiar with the operation, you will appreciate the thoughtful design. For example, you can drag the screen and click the building to perform operations on it. Details have been fully taken into account as well, so you will have a colorful operating experience.

Golden Age Screenshot

3. Outline Map

Map system is one of the most distinctive features in Golden Age. Similar to Google Earth, the map in Golden Age also can be zoomed by rolling the scroll wheel of the mouse. In addition to cities, there are also some villages displayed in map which players can send troops to occupy or plunder.

Golden Age Screenshot

In the outline map, players can view the surroundings of their cities. They can find out not only who are the owners of nearby cities, but also their strength. As long as you move mouse over the structures, you can see the detailed information.

Golden Age Screenshot

Operation Interface:

The operation interface of Golden Age is very simple. All the basic operations are at the bottom of the screen so it is very convenient to check them all. If you've been careful enough, you can find that time is displayed at the right-lower corner. When you full-size the screen, you will understand how sweet and helpful this design could be.

At the top right corner, there is an NPC list and a board telling your current coordinate. Considering the fact that it is not convenient for players to check the overall map in side-scrolling games, Golden Age offers auto- routing system. No matter which NPC you want to meet, all you have to do is to click the name on the NPC list, and then your character will find a path to him/her automatically.

Golden Age Screenshot

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