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Golden Age

Golden Age delivers an expansive Real-Time Strategy(RTS) gaming experience infused with RPG elements, all without the need for a long download. Players can log in and instantly start playing from any web browser.

Throughout every aspect of the game, Golden Age offers a refined browser gameplay to players in a time when the web RTS genre is growing increasingly stale. Experience a revolutionary upgrade to graphics, technology, in-game systems and player options in Golden Age, which is exclusively licensed in North America and Latin America to Aeria Games.

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Set in a tumultuous, medieval setting and inspired by true Knights Templar history, Golden Age pits fortresses head to head for control of the valuable land. Players must maintain diverse military resources, including infantry, cavalry, mages, trebuchets, spies, archers and a host of ruthless offensive and defensive tactics as they plot their path to ultimate domination.

Key Features

Side-scrolling RPG Town – Meet other players in Golden Age's side-scrolling, RPG-style town. Make friends as you cater to the daily affairs of your castle. Click on a player's avatar to view stats, start a chat, or make friends. Interact with a motley array of NPCs to obtain quests, buy items, upgrade your gear, and collect your daily salary.

Over 20 Building Types – Cultivate a steady supply of grains, lumber, iron and stone to maintain your military strength. Construct over 20 types of buildings to store supplies, train and educate your soldiers, house your citizens, coordinate supply trades with other castles and contribute to your alliance.

Detailed Real-Time Map Data – Plan your attacks or fine tune your defenses with Golden Age's highly advanced real-time map data. See which troops in are currently in battle—and which troops are targeting your fortress next!

Advanced Battle Simulator & Statistics – Gain the upper hand by practicing battles before you launch your troops. Test out varying numbers of every soldier type and resource on both sides to determine your most effective strategy. After the real battle, review a host of key statistics to refine your tactics, or watch a replay to relive your glorious win!

Instanced Battle Maps – Conquer the countryside one PvE instance at a time. Take on a map of challengers and watch your armies advance farther after every victory. Re-calibrate your strategy after every battle. Once you defeat the final lord, the territory is yours!

Immersive Adventure – Discover a trove of side quests and gaming extras during your battle downtime. Dig for buried treasure, take a chance at daily free loot, customize your interactive avatar, your army's appearance and more.

Epic Alliance Wars – Coming soon! Join an alliance and compete in large-scale combat tournaments between players. Win prizes and earn the honorable distinction of the top alliance in the server!

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