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Heroes can be divided into Epic Heroes and Common Heroes.

Common Hero: Can be hired from the Hero Employment Officer, certain items can help you get a rare Hero with higher attributes.

Golden Age

Epic Hero: You can obtain Legend of Epic Heroes when attacked or exploring wilderness. Use this item to be introduced with the corresponding Epic Hero.

You can't recruit an epic hero the first time you meet them. You'll have to persuade their loyalty for them to permanently join you. The higher Friendship a hero has, the higher chance you have to persuade them. There are 4 ways to enhance Friendship: award, praise, persuade and talk. These "Treasure" type items which can be purchased from the Item Mall, or from attacking wilderness areas.

Epic Heroes

Golden Age

1. There are 8 basic epic heroes available. Each of them possess attributes and skills better than common heroes. What's more, their leadership is far superior. They have obvious advantages in leading a troop in battles against your foes!

2. Each Epic Hero will be counted differently, and they are separate from Normal Heroes.

3. Epic Heroes have 3 skills learned.

4. Epic Heroes have special backgrounds and histories. They're unique from common heroes, and their names cannot be changed.

Hero Skills

Golden Age

There are 45 hero Skills in all. Each has 3 levels of strength. A hero can have the same skill at different levels, but only the highest level one takes effect. Each Hero can only have 3 skills at most.

1. Instinct: A born skill with recruited hero. (After you get an epic hero, you will have three talent skills.)

2. Using Skill Books: A hero can learn new skills by using a skill book. It also has a chance of covering old skills.

Hero Quest

1. Each player can acquire hero quests from NPC Royal Advisor Dumont everyday. The maximum amount of the available hero quests is 45, and each hero can finish up to 15 quests.

2.After the hero is selected, you will get defensive quests if the hero is a Defensive, and offensive quests if the hero is an Offensive. The quest has 3 levels: easy, normal, difficult, and each level has 5 grades: primary, medium, advanced, elite and master.

3. Commands are absolutely necessary to receive the quests. There are 10 free Commands available every day. If you need more, you can purchase them from the Item Mall.

4. If you think a hero isn't powerful enough, you can buy items from marketplace to boost that hero's abilities.

5. Completing quests can earn you hero experience and hero gear, plus you might receive more advanced quests. You can also spend Crowns to help a hero who is undertaking a quest.

Hero Gear

1. The hero's power can be enhanced with proper gear. Players may obtain hero's gear by attacking wildernesses, finishing hero quests, and collecting materials.

2. There are four kinds of gear. From basic to excellent, they are white, green, blue and purple gear. The better the gear is, the less chance you have to obtain them. They can offer additional attributes, such as intellect, strength and vitality.

3. Fortify Gear: Players can gain fortification materials by attacking gem mines and fortify their gear by visiting the NPC Legendary Blacksmith. The maximum fortification level is 9 stars.

4. Dismantle and Reforge Gear: You can dismantle useless gear at the Legendary Blacksmith to obtain materials and gems. These gems can be used to reforge gear and add additional attributes to it. The fortification effect of the gear will not change.

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