Golden Age Comprehensive Guide

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Golden Age

by Rakusen/Djrn

Golden Age


Q: How do I get a second city?

A: First, you need to hit level 30 to even get a new city. Second, you need a level 10 Administration Hall to get a Fort to train an Archon. Each new city you create needs 1 more Archon than the last. Sanrio: First city needs 1, second city needs 2, third needs 3, and so on.

Q: How do I level up my sire?

A: The current only way to level them up is by doing the quests gotten from Dumont in Sanctum. He gives five daily quests and a large number alliance quests if you're in an alliance.

Q: How long does it take for a wilderness to reappear?

A: It's pretty random. It can go from instantly to hours upon end. Generally, you have to be patient for them.

Q: How do you get the medals for the alliance wanted quests?

A: You buy them from the item mall or have them gifted to you.

Q: Where do I get silver?

A: You need to either: Sell things in the Item Auction or buy it from the item mall. Current rates for Crowns->Silver are 1:3.

Basic Gameplay

Since the tutorial covers most of the gameplay that you should know, I'll be going over some uncovered parts.


Salary is a daily gold reward gotten from Royal Treasurer - Demetrius. It's dependant on your sire level, administration hall level, and sire reputation.

Salary Equation:

Level 5-30: (May be off by 0-200)

Salary = {[2260.7e^(0.107*Sire Level)] + Bonus gained from Administration Hall + [Sire Reputation * 100]} * 1.00 (1.05 if VIP)

Level 30-?:

Salary = {Unknown + Bonus gained from Administration Hall + [Sire Reputation * 100]} * 1.00 (1.05 if VIP) ** Thanks to Dan for the 5-30 multiplier! Life saver to the max!


First, you have your original city. You can get a second city once you reach level 30 and get an additional option to get 3 more resource wildernesses with each additional city you make.

The buildings in each city are:

Administration Hall



City Square




Archery Range

Knight Stable


Scout Camp



Residence x 5

Farmland x 10

Quarry x 8

Smithy x 8

Lumber Mill x 8

Each city has all of these buildings. The factions themselves add on a little bit to them.

Buildings from factions:

Arena - Knights Templar

Guild of Farming - Rhine Commerce Guild

Carpentry Guild - Rhine Commerce Guild

Stonecutter's Association - Rhine Commerce Guild

Guild of Forging - Rhine Commerce Guild

House of Sages - Ibero

Building a Second City

First, there are three requirements for building a second city:

Sire Level 30

50,000 Gold

1 Archon/Guild Agent/Inquisitor

To train the Archon, get a Fort building by leveling up the Administration Hall to level 10. Each Archon takes 20 recruitable soldiers to make with an additional 20,000 of each resource.


Soldiers required: 20

Grain: 20,000

Lumber: 20,000

Stone: 20,000

Iron: 20,000

Required training time: 6 hours

To get your second city, first conquer a small village close to you with an army that contains an Archon. You NEED the Archon to build your second city.

After conquering the small village, click on the village and select "Construct a new city". It will prompt you with a confirmation and then you'll have a second city.


Resources are the sources that fund all your operations. You can't really do anything without them. Each action you take in your city consumes resources, whether it be leveling up a building, researching, or training soldiers.

Resources include:





Lumber, stone, and iron can have up to 8 plots each while grain has a grand 10 plots of land. Additionally to this, people with the Rhine Commerce Faction gain guilds to further boost output.


Guild of Farming

Guild of Forging

Carpentry Guild

Stonecutter's Association


Buildings are all you need in Golden Age to survive. Without them, you're screwed over.

Each building has these characteristics:

Maximum level of 30

Only one of each excluding residences and resources

In addition to each building you already have, the faction you're in also supplies you with additional buildings.

The three factions have buildings unique to them that provide additional boosts.



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