Golden Age City Guide

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Golden Age (Aeria)

A city is the place where players handle governing, developing buildings, learning technologies, and raising troops. It contains buildings for Domestic Affairs, Resource Buildings, and Military Buildings.

Golden Age

1. New Construction: Double-click an empty place in the castle to build constructions.

2. Upgrade Construction: Click build construction to check requirement. With proper requirements, click upgrade to level up the construction.

3. Demolish: Click to demolish constructions. (After pulling it down, not all resources will be returned, and your maximum population will be reduced.)

4.Conscript troop resources: City Square will offer free soldier source, you can also recruit soldier source in City Square by gold.

5.Train Troops: After you have activated a related technology in Seminary and have enough soldiers, you can train them in military type buildings."
"Sanctum City

Sanctum City is a place where other players and NPCs reside. Sanctum City has three areas: the Palace, the Square, and the Market.

1. Palace: Here you can find the Lord Governor and other NPCs who can provide you with alliance quests, events, dungeon instances, awards quests, salary, etc.

2. Square: Located between Palace and Market. There are many NPCs here who handle daily quests, hero quests, hiring of heroes and secretaries, and some plot quests.

3. Market: The district mainly includes Resource Suppliers, Legendary Blacksmiths, Item Shops, Postman, and other quest NPC.


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