Golden Age Army Guide

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Golden Age (Aeria)

Army Basics

Golden Age Army

1.Need to generate soldiers in the various military related buildings in your cities. This will consume corresponding resources and soldiers.

2. After the soldiers are produced, click the button under avatar to enter the big map, then click the Castle, you will see the New Army button.

3. First click the solider card below, then click "OK" to complete the army. You could also name the army under Recognized Armies: and change the supplying city.

4. Click the image of an army at the castle to check its details.

Army Actions

Golden Age Army

1. Scout: You can set out from any castle or village. When scouting faraway castles or villages, you'll be able to see some wilderness areas that cannot be seen normally. If the target has many more Scouts than you, you won't be able to collect any information. Also, you may lose some or all of your Scouts.

2. Garrison: Sends an army to stay at a designated location. The directive can be carried out by any army type from any castle or village. For faraway wildernesse areas, you will need to garrison the village or castle that the wilderness covers before you garrison the wilderness. When the directive is finished, the army will stay at the target location. If a war breaks out, the garrison army will join the defenders to defend that place.

3. Plunder: Use to snatch resources from other castles. The Marauder Army should set out from its own castle, and should not include any siege warfare units. After the battle, if the Marauder Army still has soldiers left, it will automatically return to the original castle with the plundered resources.

4. Attack: Used to destroy enemies' Defense facilities and armies. Any soldiers can attack an enemy, starting with castles or villages.

5. Conquer: Attacking the city can kill the enemy armies and destroy the city's defense equipment. The city will be occupied if you win.

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