Godsrule: War of Mortals Beginner's Guide

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Godsrule: War of Mortals is the latest strategy game that features real time PvP battles with another player. In this beginner's guide, we will go over some basics of the game to help you get started. With this guide you can get started in taking over the enemies in no time.

Using Godsrule Races

The game setting is a perpetual warfare between the Souls of Ascension and . The two side have units and buildings of different names but they all function the same

Your Godsrule Base Camp

If you have had experience with some of other browser strategy games, the setup of the base camp should ot be surprising. You have your basic resources as the following:

Food – made via farms.
Lumber – made via lumber yard.
Iron – made via mines.
Splinters – made via defeating ruins.

With that in mind, you have some basic buildings as the following:

Mines: Generate Iron
Lumber Mill: Generate Lumber
Farms: Generate Food
Vault: Store resources
House: Increase max population
Barracks: Build more units

Clan Hall:
Henge: Unlocked at tree level 3
Temple: unlocked at tree level 3
Trade post: unlocked at tree level 4
Craft tower: unlocked at tree level 5

Godsrule Battle Screen

The goal of the majority of the Godsrule combat is to capture the relics in the middle of the screen. You will be able to see the units and spells at the bottom.

Selecting Multiple Units in Godsrule
To select multiple units during the battle, you must hold down "shift" while selecting all of your units. In addition, while multiple units are selected. You can hold down Ctrl + 1, 2, 3 to assign them as different team numbers.

Summon Additional Units
There are various limits on the number of units that you can summon in Godsrule. You will have to send your units onto small yellow buttons in order to summon more troops. In addition, you will have to move your units off the original summon square because units cannot overlap one another.

PvP and Load the Ship
To fight another player in real time, you will first have to "load your ship". You will only be able to bring a certain amount of troops to your ship in Godsrule. Without loading the ship first, you will enter the battle with 0 units which means defeat by default pretty much.

Relic Capture Bar
The relics are captured when you send your units to attack it. The bar progress is shown on the middle of the screen. However, during NPC AI fights your goal is to capture all of the relics on the screen.

Crates Collection for Boosts
To gain an edge in the battle, you may send your units to collect various wooden crates on the battle field.

Computer AI "Creature Battles

You can practice fighting against computers through the various create battles functions in the game. In Godsrule, there are two ways for you to fight against the computer controlled AI's – Ruins and Training mode.

After you have chopped down various forests to expand your land, you will more often than not find the ruins blocking your way. You will have to fight and win in Ruins battle to be able to start using the land.

This option can be accessed via the creature battle option in the Barracks or Temple Menu. The reward for winning these battles are splinters and XP. Because the splinters are pretty rare in Godsrule, always be sure to fight a couple more creature battles to obtain all the splinters that you need.



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