God Wars Beginner's Guide

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Character FAQ
Q: How many classes are there in the game?
A: God Wars currently has two classes - Warrior and Mage

Q: What are the main attributes of characters?

Q: How do I level up skills? What do skills do?
A: Players can gain skill books to level up skills through the activities such as the Tower of Eternity and World Bosses. Skills are divided into active skills and passive skills. Improving active skills increases skill damage. Improving passive skills increases the player's survivability and output.

Q: How do I get Gold?
A: Players can improve their fixed Gold yield by increasing the level of their Main Hall. It is also possible to obtain large amounts of Gold through instances, Word Bosses, quests and the Treasure Trove.

Heroes FAQ
Q: How do I recruit heroes? What do heroes do?
A: Once a player clears the second instance in Episode 1 of the main story at level 6, they can recruit their first hero, Guardian, at the Royal Altar. You can recruit heroes of the races that correspond to each altar. Each hero has specific characteristics in battle. Heroes can be upgraded to unlock innate of passive skills. By leveling up or enhancing heroes, you can improve their attributes. Heroes also have race suppression characteristics.

Q: Can heroes be made stronger?
A: Players can use EXP potions to increase their heroes' levels. They can also change a hero's equipment, or use hero shards to enhance their heroes. Leveling up, upgrading and enhancing heroes all bring attribute bonuses, and unlock further innate or special passive skills.

Q: How do I get items to level up, upgrade or enhance a hero?
A: Players can get EXP potions through the main story instances and elite instances. A hero needs to be wearing a certain grade of equipment before it can be upgraded. Equipment crafting materials can be obtained through main story instances and elite instances. The hero shards required for enhancing can be obtained by clearing elite instances or event quests.

Gear FAQ
Q: What are the different gear qualities?
A: Gear has six qualities: Common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and mythic. The higher the quality, the better the attribute bonuses. And the appearance will look even better.

Q: How do I boost gear?
A: Boosting gear requires Boost Stones and Advanced Boost Stones. Both types of stones can be obtained in the Tower of Eternity.

Q: How do I upgrade gear?
A: All of your gear must be boosted to level 10 before you can upgrade it. The materials required for upgrading gear can be obtained in the Trial Hall. The higher the grade, the more is unlocked and the better the appearance.

Q: How do I inlay gems in gear?
A: Each item of gear has a inlay sockets. If you want to increase the number of inlay sockets, you need to use Adamantine Drills. Adamantine Drills can be obtained through events or at the Shop. Gems inlayed in gear can be divided into four types: ATK, MAX HP, PDEF, and MDEF. Gems can be obtained in the Tower of Eternity. Low-level gems can be crafted into higher level gems. Higher level gems will improve the attributes more. Each item of gear can only be inlayed with gems of one attribute.

Mounts FAQ
Q: How do I obtain mounts? What do mounts do?
A: Players can obtain a mount when they reach level 50 or they make their first top-up. Mounts bring attribute bonuses to the player and recruited heroes. Leveling up and upgrading mounts increase the attribute bonuses and improves the appearance.

Q: How do I level up a mount?
A: Leveling up a mount requires Mount Feed. Mount Feed can be obtained from the Tower of Eternity or the Mystery Merchant.

Q: How do I upgrade a mount?
A: Upgrading a mount requires Upgrade Stones. Upgrade Stones can be obtained from the Shop or by participating in events.

Instances FAQ
Q: How do I open an instance? How many times can I challenge an instance each day?
A: Players can enter instances through the instance entrance. Challenging instances or sweeping instances requires a certain amount of Stamina. When you don't have enough Stamina, you will not be able to enter an instance. Stamina can be obtained through the Treasure Trove or the Shop, and a certain amount can be collected at fixed times.

A: If I quit an instance mid-way through, can I continue the challenge?
A: If you quit an instance, the system will not save your progress. The instance will reset, and you will still lose your Stamina.

Q: How many VIP levels are there?
A: There are 10 VIP levels.

Q: What special features can you get through VIP levels?
A: VIP levels carry exclusive VIP level blessings, exclusive VIP daily packs and level packs, name Diamond prefixes, extra Stamina purchases, extra Gold purchases, extra Crystal purchases, Mystery Merchant refreshes, elite instance attempt purchases, Valor Trial attempt purchases, Strength Trial attempt purchases, Magic Trial attempt purchases, Tower of Eternity attempt purchases, and Arena purchases.

Other Questions
Q: How can I level up quickly?
A: Players can gain EXP through activities such as sweeping instances, daily tasks, the Tower of Eternity, and the Trial Hall.

Q: How can I obtain Diamonds in the game?
A: Players can get Diamonds by participating in events, login rewards or quests, etc. They can also collect large Diamond payouts through Diamond Cards.

Q: What happens when I complete a quest?
A: After completing a quest, players will be able to participate in other instances and participate in other events.

Q: How do I check quests?
A: Click on the quest in the menu to view the quest details screen.



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