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In Glory of War, you can do business with other players to get profits. After setting up commercial routes, you can levy to get extra profits.

The higher level you reach, the more commercial routes you can set up.

You can only set up the commercial routes with players whose titles are higher or lower than you by 2 levels.

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The commercial route will be available until one side disconnects the commercial route or requirements are not met.

As business develops, you can choose to sell the following commodity.

Commodity Tea Silk China-ware Jade
Business 265 512 768 1024

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If you failed to sell the product, you'll lose the product and won't get silver. You can cost gold to protect the commodity.

When selling, you may sell a lot and get lots of silver. Price will be affected by Trade Index and Popu. Index..

If one kind of products is sold in large quantities, it may become very popular and thus will raise the price of this kind of products.

Every time you sell, it will cost the caravan 5 minutes. You can fill up the caravan time by costing gold or wait for the time to be filled up automatically.



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