Glitch Review: Rise and Shiny Recap

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By Beau Hindman from

Glitch is like Minecraft, not in its dynamic or design but in the obvious impact it is having and will more than likely continue having on its particular genre. Actually, it has already had this type of effect on gaming in general, but not quite at the level of Minecraft. Yet.

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There is no set of numbers for me to divulge nor any table of metrics that I can show you to prove how well I think Glitch is doing. I can only tell you that I have seen more of a response (from the industry as well) to this game than I have seen from a game in a long time. Sure, RIFT had a good launch, ran well, and was beautiful. I imagine Star Wars: The Old Republic will do even better. But in the world of indie games, odd gamers, and people who have no boundaries on their gaming tastes (you know, super cool people), Glitch is almost a perfect game of time management, farming, exploration, crafting, customization, deep lore, lo-fi beauty, and social adventure.

No (with a capital N), it is not a "Facebook game." That term is officially the goofiest way to describe games that have nothing to do with Facebook other than having an optional Facebook login or being embedded on Facebook. I know, I know... it's the term to throw around when you have no interest in actually trying to play or understand why someone else would like anything else but your favorite game (variety? pssh!), but I protest anyway. Calling Glitch a Facebook game is like describing Lord of the Rings Online (or any other MMORPG that launches with a client) a "typical MMORPG." Let me rephrase all of that: Describing a game by how a player might sign in or launch the game is one of the stupidest trends in the MMO community.

Instead of listing off a bunch of numbers and, you know, facts about the game, I would rather tell you about a typical night of adventure I had recently. If it sounds cool to you, go try the game out. It's free.

At the end of my first real week with Glitch, I had to pinpoint how I felt about it so I could put it down in this article. I think I came up with a pretty good approximation.

Because the game is set within the minds and imaginings of a cadre of giants, there is a feeling of being protected in the game world. The youthful, androgynous look of your character along with the customization options give you the ability to make any type of character you want. I felt pretty much like a kid during his favorite holiday. I was excited, curious and thrilled. My little glitch felt more real to me, more connected to feelings I have in real life, than almost any character I have ever had. The giants are there -- and they can be stern -- but I actually felt responsible for this strange, microscopic, trippy little world.

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