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Gameglobe is a browser game that is currently in its beta stages and is made by SquareEnix, yea, the company well known for games from Final Fantasy to Dragon Quest. It is currently in the open beta stages of gameplay so people are free to sign up and try it out for themselves.

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It is a bit unfair to call this just a game; instead it is a mixture of a game with player created levels/worlds. There are levels already created by the developers which play you through a short story line to get you into the general feel of the game and to get you to understand some of the components of it, it is also a good way to get some early levels and coins for you to spend, which will help you get some of those creative items that you may want to invest in.

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Actual gameplay, when you are running through player/dev made worlds, is that of a basic action/adventure game. You can run around smashing crates and solving puzzles as you go through the maps. It is nothing revolutionary, but how it is played out is rather smooth and well made. The combat animations flow nicely. There are still some bugs to be worked out, such as me going through some landscape (rarely) thanks to an enemy bashing me through it, but overall it is rather well polished.

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The actual creation process is very well done. They give you pretty much the tools you can use to create maps like or better than the ones they show you in the few quests they give you starting out. You have total freedom to select where players start, what the map/landscape looks like, and how it functions. You can even create little triggered events and set the mood with different sound effects. Going through some of the player levels I have seen those from intense parkour type maps to ones where you have to climb towering heights to get to the objective, sometimes the objective is just to collect as much jewels as you can in the allotted time that the creator gives you. They even made leaderboards for players to see how they did on said maps vs. other people who have tried it, and a comment section for people to tell the person who made the map, what they think. The sheer amount of freedom they give you to create is amazing; especially for something you're playing through the browser.

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The money model for this game is pretty clever, I have to admit. Instead of doing the normal limitations that other games like to impose, or even the pay-to-win aspects that game companies like to do, this game does it differently. Since it is much more than a standard game, those limitations don't really apply to how this one works. In-game currency is coins; coins are also the money you can buy with actual real life cash. You get it when you level, and the use of it is pretty much cosmetic. You get it when you level, and the use of it is pretty much cosmetic. You can use it to customize your Avatar to give you that unique look, or even use it to help in your building efforts by buying the different props, sound effects, and maps for your creations. So it is something that you earn in game, and something you don't really need. If you're the creative sort and want to create a lush and imaginative level, you will most likely need to throw the devs some cash to fulfill your creation's potential, but if you want to just explore what others have made and have fun -- then you won't even need to drop a dime.

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The only real downside I have seen in the game, from my time playing, is that maps only support one player. There currently is no way to play cooperatively with friends or make maps where you need to rely on a partner. For something that is online, you do expect a bit more socialization that just playing other player's maps. But, who knows, the game is still young, and there is still a lot more for them to add.

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So far this looks like it is shaping up really well, and there are already a lot of creative maps for people to try out, and a lot of tools for you to mess around with to make your own. For the creative sort, this gives a lot of templates to see what you can come up with, and for those looking to just beat some levels, there are already over 5000 maps for you to try out.

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