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Galaxy Online II

Wanna make better use of weapons in Galaxy Online II to make you stronger? If your answer is "Yes", then read the following to learn those you may not know about weapons.

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There are 4 different damage attributes for weapons: Kinetic Damage, Heat Damage, Explosive Damage, and Magnetic Damage. For defensive blueprints, the equipped shield modules or the ship armors are designed to resist certain types of damage.

  • Particle Stun Shield: Reduces Kinetic Damage
  • Heat Diffusion Shield: Reduces Heat Damage
  • Space-Time Magnetic Shield: Reduces Explosive Damage
  • Detonator Shield: Reduces Magnetic Damage
  • Chrome Armor: Reduces Heat Damage & Kinetic Damage to the lowest level
  • Nano Armor: Reduces Heat Damage & Explosive Damage to the lowest level
  • Regen Armor: Reduces Kinetic Damage & Magnetic Damage to the lowest level
  • Neutralizing Armor: Reduces Explosive Damage & Magnetic Damage to the lowest level

When attacked, if a ship has no shields or armor to protect against specific types of damage, they will suffer the full damage amount.

Therefore, if you know in advance what kind of weapons an enemy will be using, you can protect your ships with the corresponding armor type.

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Here's What You Need to Know...

Loading and Reloading

All weapons have a Cool Down (CD) counter. If it shows as 0, you can use the weapon immediately. However, if it shows 1, you must wait until the next round to fire.

He3 Costs

Firing weapons will also consume He3. Consumed He3 can be calculated by looking at the He3 Cost on the weapon blueprint. For example, the Rocket Frame-III ship has a He3 cost of 0.07. If you equip 5 Rocket Frame-III weapons on a ship, you will consume 0.35 He3 each time you fire. If you have 100 ships of this type, each volley will cost 35 He3.

Piercing and Scattering Damage

If you complete piercing and scattering science research, certain types of weapons will be able to cause damage to multiple targets. For example, if you upgrade the Directional Science Pierce to 20%, attacking a ship by using a Directional Weapon will also cause 20% damage to other ships lined up behind the target. This effect is independent and cannot be avoided by a commander's skill.

When creating a ship, consider that space available on a ship is very limited. Choose only the best weapons. Don't waste materials and ship space on weapons you don't need.

Different Attributes for Different Weapons

1. Ballistic Weapons

  • Shooting Range: 1 - 2
  • CD Round: 0
  • Attack power per round: Low
  • He3 Consumption: Low
  • Attribute: Kinetic/Heat
  • Piercing Damage: Enemies in the same row as the target will suffer some damage.
  • Cannot be blocked
  • Feature: Attacks target directly


The weapon of choice for close combat. Though its shooting range is 1 – 2 and its attack power is low, its true value rests in the Cool Down time of 0. This allows the ship to fire almost continuously, even while enemies are reloading their weapons!

Advantages: When attacking a target, all enemies in the same row as the target will suffer damage equal to 50% of the attack power. With a range of 1-2 slots, the attack power in the 2nd slot will be 220% of the attack power, making for a very powerful attack.

Another advantage of having a 0 packing round is defeating enemies quickly, which helps a lot in the instances.

After improving the range of these weapons to 4 with help from the Research Center, these weapons will be able to smash through shields.

Disadvantages: If these weapons are not upgraded they are good for nothing more than close range battles, and they offer little power even for that. Also, if your ships are built with low speed, you won't be able to hit anything with it. Research into these weapons also takes time and resources, making it difficult to improve these weapons to the level needed to make them very effective.

These weapons not only require research to boost them, but the speed to make them effective. This means a ship armed with Ballistic Weapons must also have good engines. These engines require more space on the ship, meaning less space for other things, like shields or more weapons.

What's more, this weapon only has kinetic and heat power, so it cannot destroy metal shield ships!

Conclusion: These weapons are great if you have enough time to research them up to higher levels. But if you don't, there are better options.

2. Directional Weapons

  • Shooting Range: 2 - 5
  • Packing Round: 1
  • Attack power per round: Low - Mid
  • He3 Consumption: Low
  • Attribute: Magnetic/Heat
  • Piercing Damage: Enemies in the same row as the target will suffer some damage.
  • Cannot be blocked
  • Feature: Assistant attack


The most popular mid-range weapon. Because of the 2 – 5 shooting range makes this weapon very flexible.

Advantages: The shooting range of 2 – 5 allows for a wide array of use in either close combat or longer range combat.

It also has the best shooting rate and great attack power. Enhanced with the right commander spell and the ship will also deliver a great Dodge rate.

After some development, it will decrease target's hit rate, attack power, speed and more. It also destroys ships with ballistic weapons.

Piercing damage - After being improved, piercing damage on other targets will rise to 25 – 30% of attack power.

What's more, it has the lowest He3 consumption of all weapons, making it the best choice for challenging instances.

Disadvantages: Like Ballistic Weapons, these start with low attack power. To enhance their attack power, you must equip several of them, making it hard to defeat targets with high defenses.

Conclusion: These weapons are easy to control and use in the beginning. However, even with research, they will do little damage to a high defense ship. Keep in mind that the ace in the hole for this weapon type is the low He3 consumption, and if you're patient (and last long enough) you'll win when they run out of power.

3. Missile Weapons

  • Shooting Range: 5 - 8
  • Packing Round: 3
  • Attack power per round: Mid - High
  • He3 Consumption: Mid - High
  • Attribute: Explosive Damage
  • Piercing Damage: Attacks all the enemies
  • Can be blocked
  • Feature: Dispersion Damage


Long distance weapon. The dispersion damage will affect all enemies. When attacking a target, the other ships on the 8 fleet tiles will also suffer damage equal to 25% of the attack power.

Advantages: Powerful dispersion damage will distribute deadly amounts of damage to a lot of ships. Further research into these weapons only improves the amount of damage.

Disadvantages: High He3 cost. You always run the risk of running out of power before you run out of targets.

The Cool Down rate is a little long and can leave you exposed to enemy fire.

Most importantly, these types of weapons can be blocked.

Conclusion: This is a powerful weapon with a high attack power, but it also has some fatal disadvantages.

4. Ship-based Weapons

  • Shooting Range: 6 - 10
  • Packing Round: 4
  • Attack power in a round: High
  • He3 Consumption: Mid - High
  • Attribute: Kinetic, Heat, Explosive, and Magnetic
  • Piercing Damage: None
  • Can be blocked
  • Feature: Long distance attack


This weapon has the longest range and highest base attack. Further research will expand the range of its attacks and increase damage at range.

Advantages: The perfect single attack weapon. Even the 220% attack power adding ballistic weapon cannot match it. It also has the longest shooting range and can critical hit from up to 10 slots away.

The long range advantage also makes it virtually immune to attacks from other ships, because they have to last long enough to get close and hit it. Side and Rear defenses are also generally unnecessary.

With 4 different attributes, it can destroy the defenses of all ship types.

After doing some research, these ships will also feature a 20% blocking rate! This makes it ideal for both attack and defense.

Disadvantages: High He3 cost.

Its shooting range is from 6 – 10 slots, which means from the 1 – 5 slots it won't be able to attack anything. This makes it vulnerable to attacks by short range weapons.

It's a single attack weapon, it cannot initiate any AOE skills.

Conclusion: Ship-based weapons are great unless that all you've got. However, used together with other weapons to provide the ship with balance, they can be a great tool.

All weapons have their advantages and disadvantages. If you're hoping to last long out there, you've got to figure out what to do with what you've got. Make the best use of limited ship space and planning out what kinds of ships you'll need based on what kinds of enemies you'll be facing.

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