Galaxy Life: Tips to Destroy & Take Down Enemy Star Base

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If you are having trouble killing enemy star bases in Galaxy Life, here are some tips that will hopefully help you with more success.

Upgrade Your Combat Units

Always try to upgrade your units to the maximum possible that your resources allow.

Multiple Hits

For the NPC planet’s star bases such as Sparragon and Firebit, you can repeatedly hit them with your weak units until you bring down their entire base. Focus on sending many marines and flamethrowers with bazooka in the background to bring the enemy down. For players it is the same idea, you only have to be aware of the galaxy life colony shield limitations. try to guess and limit your attack damage to 30% or 40%, then use one final attack to destroy the human Galaxy Life player.

Upgrade Star Warp Gate Fully

Upgrade your star warp gates to the highest possible based on your star base level. You want to be able to pump all your battle units to enemies’ planet to destroy their Star base.

Strong Quality of Units

This concept is the same as upgrading your Galaxy Life battle units, you want to be able to pump out one strong wave of units to wipe out your enemy before the colony shield comes into effect. Activate your strongest units as early as possible to be able to utilize them in battles.

Ninja Attack

If you are lucky enough and run into any enemy base that is worn down, the base might be in process of being attacked by another player. Try to see if you can ninja it and destroy the base before the others.



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