Furry Paws Guide: For Beginners

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Furry Paws

Furry Paws is a virtual dog game where you can raise, feed, train, and compete with your very own virtual canine pals. Here is a guide with questions that asked a lot on the help boards. The author sorted out the reference materials and made this guide. It will be a great help for the beginners about how to make money, raise and train a dog etc.

Furry Paws Guide: For Beginners


Making Money

  • First off, get a job. AFTER you get the job, go to the bank* and collect your paycheck.
  • Don't forget to collect your paycheck every Sunday!
  • Create shows. Don't make the fee too high, though, or nobody will enter, and then it'll end up costing you. Make the fee about $6 or $7, then make the prize money as low as possible. ;)
  • You might randomly find money on the floor! Entering 30 (or 50, if you have an elite) shows a day raises the chance of this, as you end up clicking around a bunch.
  • Play Toy Finder as often as possible. Remember, though, only once per hour!
  • Offer Services if you have the skills. Layouts, personal pictures, there's always a demand for them.

Raising Dog's Stats

  • Use Training Areas. Training areas sometimes raise your dogs' stats by 2. Use the public ones until your kennel is at size 5. The higher the rating is, the more chance there is of the dog gaining stats. The highest rating possible is 56, if people have 63, it's just a bug. :) Once your kennel is at size 5, invest in teeter-totters and/or weave poles (only if you have the money. If you don't, do it gradually! you need money for training new dogs and vaccinations every month) and put them in the training area. Why teeter totters and weave poles? Because they have the highest rating, 7, and will keep your training area's rating high.
  • Feed and accessorize your dog. Certain food and accessories can raise your dog's stats. With food, there's a 50/50 chance, and you may only use one accessory at a time on one dog. A more in-depth explanation can be found here.
  • Stats can be gained randomly too! Entering 30 (or 50, if you have an elite) shows a day raises the chance of this, as you end up clicking around a bunch.
  • Enter your dog in shows. Points gained from being in shows (the higher they place, the more points they get) push your dog one step closer to gaining a level, and when they do, their stats go up randomly.



  • Look at your dog's stats before you train! You don't want to train your dog in something it won't do well in. Take a look at this page, then compare your dog's 3 highest stats to it. If the highest 3 don't match, bring the fourth highest into the equation. Find the show type it'll do well in, and train it in that. Remember, you can't go back on training, so train carefully! Double training can get very expensive if you don't have a trainer account.
  • You probably want to double train your dog when it gets to be level 6 or 7! By then you should know what the second best show type is based on the dog's stats. If you are a professional trainer, all you have to do is train your dog normally again. If you aren't, find a reliable professional trainer and ask them to double train your dog. It can get expensive, though.


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