Frenzoo: Online World of 3D Avatars

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Frenzoo is a free online world of 3D chat and creativity. You can style your avatar and 3d home any way you like. Whatever your unique style: elegant, majestic, preppy, gothic, elegant, dressy, cos-play, edgy, emo, the list goes on ... Looking to meet people in a friendly & creative environment? Looking for a place to express your style and be who your want? You've come to the right place.



  • Meet and chat with new people around the world
  • Design your own virtual fashions & animations
  • Arrange your perfect 3d home
  • Shop for virtual clothing, accessories and lifestyle products
  • Join contests that pit your creative abilities against other people's
  • Hang out on the forums and clubs!
  • Join in with the lively roleplaying forums!
  • Get involved with the site, contribute to the community mag, be a mod etc

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