Forge of Empires Guide: Other Methods of Collecting Gold

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Forge of Empires

By Surge

We discussed how to earn money effective in Forge of Empires yesterday. And we know houses are the best sources of gold income in the entire game. However, there are other sources that are not proven to be useful, and can even bring more loss than profit! Are you curious? Ok~ Let's begin the guide.

Other Methods of Collecting Gold


Every time you attack an NPC sector of a province, you get a set amount of gold or materials for winning the battle. We will not talk about materials, however they also have the same problem as what we will talk about gold. Let's take an accurate look, shall we?

Forge of Empires Screenshot

After conquering this territory, the player will receive a bonus of 800 gold. The player might think this is worthwhile. However, think again...

Forge of Empires Screenshot

Yes, you might start to be getting to where I am at. After defeating all units in this particular sector, you may lose at least 3 units. Given the gold reward to this sector, which is 140, it is only worth going after this sector if you do not rebuild your army afterwards, which may take at least twice the reward, meaning you only lose gold instead of gain gold. Now repeat this 4 more times for this province, with each sector having varying units you must kill. You will quickly lose more gold than you gain because of rebuilding your army, and not even the 800 bonus gold helps. The cost of 100 gold to infiltrate is worthless, so don't even bother wasting your gold on that. It is better to negotiate, unless you are hell bent on being in PvP tournaments.

This may also apply to REAL PvP. Attacking another player and losing a few units is not worth it. The only exception is if you are dead sure one of their 4 hour or 8 hour houses are full. That is still not good reason enough to lose 4 units that cost over 100 gold to get an extra 120 from sabotaging a Cottage.


Another thing. This time, it is only a profit and no loss. This is, however, the true meaning of "tedium."

Forge of Empires Screenshot

A butcher costs 4,100 gold. Help 205 people and you get a free butcher. It is quite long and dumb to support people just for a pity point of 20 gold. 20 gold is only enough for 1 path. Help 50 people and you probably have enough to change all of the trails in your city. Too much time in combination with a puny reward does not make this exceptionally effective in getting gold.

Town Hall Income

Don't over-rely on your town hall to produce much money.

Forge of Empires Screenshot

This is an Iron Age Town Hall, and it still provides as much money as a Bronze Age Town Hall: 500 gold every 24 hours. A Hut can race through that in 7 hours when a Town Hall needs 24 hours. It is only good for the Bronze Age. After that, it is just not so, especially the Late Middle Age, where an Estate House can run through that money in only 5 hours.

Over-using 4 Hour and 8 Hour Production Houses

4 Hour and 8 Hour production houses net the smallest amount of money in the game, and a Hut can outrace even the mighty Apartment House in the Late Middle Age! These are worth only for the population and for overnight income, so don't fill more than half your city with these unless you desperately need population.

Using Goods Buildings without Proper Deposits

You can produce 1 Stone, or marble, or whatever for 100 gold, when if you have a deposit of that material, you can produce 5 of them for the same cost. It is a waste of money producing materials without their respective deposit, worse yet it is also a waste of gold to actually build the goods building you don't have a deposit for.

This is pretty much all the tips I can give you. Here are some data charts if requested.

Excellent Table of Gold and Population Values Without Enthusiasm (100 Percent Happiness)

Forge of Empires Screenshot

Table of Gold Production and Population Without Enthusiasm (100 Percent Happiness)

Forge of Empires Screenshot

Table of Gold Production at 120 Percent Enthusiasm Status

Forge of Empires Screenshot

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