Forge of Empires Guide: Goods Buildings Explanation

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Forge of Empires

In Forge of Empires, Goods buildings are those which produce goods (obviously enough) that can be used in research and to negotiate with sector leaders to avoid battle

Points to Note:-A goods building must be researched before it can be built

Forge of Empires Screenshot

goods buildings will have 3 bricks stacked in a pyramid like shown above, hovering the mouse over the picture will give you more info on which goods building it is, gold needed etc...

-once built a goods building will produce the following (lumber is just an example)

Forge of Empires Screenshot

1: The raw materials needed, as you can see i dont own the correct province so i get no bonus

2:The good produced, as you can see i dont own the correct province so i get no bonus

-Goods building production can be improved if you own a province with the necessary raw material

Forge of Empires Screenshot

1: Shows i own the nesecary raw material province

2: shows the amount of raw material remaining in that province

3: Shows the amount of goods i'll produce (notice its more sizable as i own the province of raw materials)

4: Shows the amount of raw materials, gold and production needed to begin

-If you don't own a province with the necessary raw material it is advisable you don't build it or even research it for that matter(some goods will have to be researched in order to progress through the ages but a few don't need to be researched). instead work on what you can mass produce and trade that with other players for the goods you can't mass produce

However, there may come a time (due to inactivity, unreasonable prices, unwillingness to trade or they to may not have the correct province owned) when you may have to build a goods building that you dont own a province for.

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