Fog of War: Napoleonic War Research Guide

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Fog of War: Napoleonic War

In Fog of War: Napoleonic War, researching technology is one of the best ways to advance your game. Each new technology gives you some prestige, and if you’re completing the quests, then you’ll often get your hard earnt gold returned to you after spending it on researching a new NapWar technology.

If you are wondering what you should upgrade, a good way to start is to look at your quests and to see if there is something in there that will get you a gold refund. Otherwise have a look around your city and see what you want to upgrade. For instance, if you’re wanting to start building Musketeers, then you’ll need Ballistics level 1. To get the Ballistics technology you’ll need to upgrade other technologies, in this case, Recruit Training level 4. After you’ve researched ballistics, then you can start making the very dangerous Musketeers.

Getting to a level 4 technology is quite expensive, further down, I’ll talk about how to get enough NapWar gold to keep your research pumping.

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Having better technology than your foe is a massive advantage. If you have Ballistics level 4 and the person attacking you has Ballistics level 3, then your long range attackers get a free shot before the enemy does. This is a massive advantage as if you have similar or equal number of long range attackers, having that extra 10% range on your long range attacks could mean the difference between winning and getting slaughtered.

Other technologies that are great to upgrade is scouting, as you’ll get better scout reports back. Resource upgrades are great as everyone needs resources. Troop speed doesn’t really make a difference until you’re huge and trying to do multiple attacks on the one person while someone else is attacking you.

Research can be expensive. Each new NapWar technology level gets higher and higher cost. To fund your research you can apply a tactic that works great, but needs baby sitting. How to do it is: Set your tax rate to something extremely high, like 95% tax rate. Then every 15 mins, nearly as soon as the timer runs out click on your Town Hall, click Pacify and do an Observation. It will cost you some food, but it will keep your loyalty high. Keeping your loyalty above 90% will keep your peasants happy, and with tax rate of 95% should get you enough NapWar gold to keep your NapWar research going. There is a drawback of this. If you leave it at 95% tax rate and go to bed, you’re likely to have no peasants when you wake up. I suggest setting your taxe rate to something nicer like 5 or 10% overnight, and when you’ve got time to babysit and Pacify every 15 mins or so, then set it to 95% and make some NapWar research money.



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