Cheats for Fog of War: Napoleonic War

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Fog of War: Napoleonic War

Here is a list of known cheats for Fog of War: Napoleonic War (NapWar). There aren't many tricks and cheats although there are some gliches and loopholes that can be exploited.

Napwar gold

First, let's talk about how to get loads of napwar gold fast. This is done by putting your tax rate at 95% and every 20 minutes doing a pacify and Observation to keep your Loyalty at 100% while taxing the crap out of your peasants. This is a good cheat for NapWar as you can do a lot with the gold, from having more research than other game players, or by buying resources off other players to advance your city. This works even better when you have masses of high level cottages all over your city map. Don't build too many though as you'll need space for up to 8 barracks to train your troops really fast.

Alliance for profit

To get a lot of prestige very quickly, getting into an alliance is a great way to get 1000 prestige. If the NapWar Alliance you get into has more than 80 members then you will get prestige bonuses all the way up to 1000 prestige. If you are cunning enough, you could even convince a napwar alliance leader to accept your invitation purely for this, and once you've handed in all your quests and got your free prestige, then you can get kicked out of the alliance, which doesn't lose you any prestige. If you quit the alliance, you will lose 25% prestige.

Fog of War: Napoleonic War Screenshots

Emphasising on technology 

If you emphasise on technologies that will give you a bonus in battle like Medicine, Military Tactics, Military Philosophy, and most importantly Ballistics, this will give you a massive edge in attacks or attacking other game players. This is often far overlooked by people scouting and trying to make a hit on you, so quite often they will send not enough troops to break through your defences and you will win the engagement, which will give you big bonuses in prestige.

Scout defence

If an enemy can't scout you, then they won't attack you. No one wants to send an army against someone else that might or might not have a massive army waiting for them. To defend with scouts, you will need a massive number of scouts, we're talking 10k or more. Then when someone is trying to scout you, your scouts will kill them all and they won't get a scout report.  This not only lets you know who is looking at you (if your beacon tower is high enough level) but also forces the agressor to train some more scouts before sending them against you again, which buys you enough time to call in one of your armies, or to mount a charge against them!

Fog of War: Napoleonic War Screenshots

Scout transports

Another Napwar trick or cheat is to use scouts as transports. NapWar scouts move at stupidly quick speed, and can deliver small payloads in a very short amount of time. If you are going to be sitting watching the game for a little while, then you can send a number of scout transports in the same time it would take to send a convoy transport. Scout transports work well if you're using the Scout Defence mentioned above, or if you need resources very quickly, like if a city is running out of food, or if you need a couple thousand iron ore to train some more troops.



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