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Q: Why can’t I play the game?

A: DMM only allows Japan-based players to play their game, so you need to be in Japan or fool the server into thinking you’re in Japan, via proxies or cookies. The R18 version doesn't require you to have a Japanese IP address or even just the right cookies, but you do have to disable your ad blocker if you use one. In other words, playing the R18 version requires less effort than playing the safe version.

Q: How do I do the current event?

A: As of writing, getting event girls generally fall under three categories: perfect clearing event maps for medals, gathering the event item in the event maps or beating event map raid bosses for the event item that you exchange in the shop.

Q: Where do I get more girls?

A: At the beginning, use the regular brown gacha seeds to get all the 2*s and 3*s. Save up all your flower stones for the premium gacha for 4* and higher. You can also buy 4* girls in the shop with 150k gold. These girls change every two weeks.

Q: What girls are best to use?

A: Higher stars the better. Never bother leveling or awakening 2*s or 3*s. You can level them some if you need to, especially at the start when you have only few 4* or higher girls, but I recommend stopping at around 30.

Q: My girls need levels…

A: Your girls don’t gain experience on maps, you have to use other girls/fairies to level them. Farm fairies on Wednesday (yellow, purple) and Saturday (red, blue) and use them to level girls of the same color. Leveling using regular girls eventually gets very very expensive. For people who are just starting, it is recommended to give Lv1 girls ten other girls at once so it only costs 1000 gold to get them to level 8 or so for a good initial boost. You’ll want to be able to clear the 50 stamina maps for better fairies, working your way up to the 80 stamina one. There are recommended strength levels so that’s a good benchmark.

Q: Where can I get more gold?

A: Saturday gold map has the best gold ratio, giving you thousands per run. For all other days, farm 4-5 since you’re sure to get 3 girls to sell for 750 per run on top of the gold from the map. If you can handle it, 6-5 can potentially give 4. To save money on leveling girls, always feed ten at a time. Sell your excess 2* girls and just use fairies to level with. There are event maps that give a good gold ratio (usually 40/80 stamina) so if you can do those it might be better

Q: What’s awakening?

A: Awakening is transforming a girl into a stronger form, resetting them to level 1 but increases their base stats. It requires dragons and gold. Dragons can be gotten from daily maps. In addition, the girl needs to be at her level cap. The rarer the girl, the more rare dragons and gold it costs to perform an awakening on her.

Q: Why should I awaken?

A: Awakening will increase the level cap of the girl, double the bonuses gained from affection, increase base stats, and improve their skill.

Q: How do you gain affection?

A: Affection can be gained by giving gifts to a girl, if it’s their favorite item the bonus is doubled. The stat boost is significant especially after awakening. You can get gifts by clearing maps, picking up chests in maps or doing the 20/50/80 stamina gift maps that are available every day.

Q: How do I increase skill levels / accessory slots?

A: Give girls copies of themselves or anyone with the same skill. Accessory slots will unlock every time you feed them the same girl. Skills aren't 100% chance to level up however, and get harder. There are also lotus flowers that you can exchange in the shop for life crystals that have 100% chance.

For event girls you can purchase their representative flower with the currency obtained from the event in the Exchange Shop. These flowers can then be fed to their respective knight girl to either unlock accessory slots or increase skill levels, as well as giving as much base EXP as bronze experience fairies per flower.

Q: What are the daily event maps?

A: The daily event maps are listed by the weekdays:

    Monday : Red Dragon
    Tuesday : Blue Dragon
    Wednesday : Yellow and Purple Fairy
    Thursday : Yellow Dragon
    Friday : Purple Dragon
    Saturday : Gold
    Sunday : Red and Blue Fairy

It is recommended to conserve stamina for fairy and gold maps. You need fairies to level girls and gold to level them with.

Q: I started playing but I want to switch to the regular/R18 version…

A: No worries, data is shared between the two versions.

Q: Where do I get more flower stones? I don’t want to buy them.

A: You get one for fully clearing a map (all bosses and all enemies killed), two for event maps. Daily login rewards also give them out, as well as events. DMM likes to give them out too as an apology gift during emergency maintenance and such, like they do in their other games. It’s fairly easy to get 50 stones for the 10+1 gacha every 2-3 weeks or so.

Q: How do I get more accessories?

A: You need blue seeds to do the accessory gacha. You’ll have to attack and/or kill boss monsters that appear randomly after beating a map to get them. You and your friends may send each other bosses so everyone gets seeds. If you think your friends can kill the boss without you, just send it without attacking (upper left button at attack screen, the one that shows the big monster picture and the three attack buttons) as you still get blue seeds. Sometimes you may encounter a blue mantis that gives at least 600 seeds! Ch9+ bosses drop a different kind of seed (light blue) that gives better accessories.

Here’s a picture of all possible accessories:

Q: I can’t clear x map…

A: Level up your girls, unlock teams (if you haven’t) and get better girls. Free gacha can only give 4* maximum, so save up all those free flower stones for the 10+1 premium gacha.

Q: I can clear the map but not fully clear it, my girls go to random places!

A: It can be frustrating, yes, but you just pray and hope they go along the right path. Unlocking all the teams help a lot. Tip: You can shuffle around your team starting positions by clicking and dragging them around the map before doing anything else. This is how you perfect clear 5-3.

Q: What are these seeds on the main screen?

A: You can send your girl on a search to get gold, stamina and seeds. You regenerate one search every 2 hours.

Q: What are the green crystals I get on event maps and quests?

A: These are used to exchange for items in the shop. You can get skill stones (level up skills of girls) or fairies.

Q: What are those weird fairies (lion, blue fairy in dress, green plant one)?

A: These girls increase the stats of the girls you feed them to permanently.

    Green bottle boosts HP by 30 points per unit.
    Red Lion boosts attack by 10 points per unit.
    Blue fairy boosts defense by 4 points per unit.

You can feed up to 100 of the aforementioned fairies to a single girl for a total of additional +3000 health, +1000 attack and +400 defense. These stat bonus carries over through Awakening.

Q: I started late and missed so many event girls...

A: Like Aigis, the devs might bring back previous event girls for latecomers. Currently there is a re-run for the previous event girls six month from the original event. Additionally, Lavender's revival event is now available for an indefinite amount of time.



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