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For Armour, the stat you most want is -4% Damage. The reason this stat is the best is because it takes a percentage directly out of the damage they do. The way that this stat stacks is multiplicatively. This means if you have 3 pieces of armour that have -4% damage on them, you would take a total of 88.4736% damage. You normally take 100% of damage. The first piece makes you only take 96% damage, since 4 * 1 = 4, and 100-4 = 96. Then you multiply the next reduction by your total damage reduction as a percent, then subtract that. Meaning your next gear will be 4 * .96 (this is the total reduction already calculated as a decimal) = 3.84.     96 - 3.84 = 92.16 etc

The next two important stats are Dodge, then reflect. If you have no pieces of dodge gear equipped, and look at your dodge stat, then that is your base dodge. Each gear with +10% Dodge on it gives 10% of your base dodge. If your base dodge is 1000, and you equip 1 dodge item, you will have 1100 dodge. 2 items will give 1200 dodge, etc. Reflic just adds more damage, since if you are hitting something, it is likely hitting you.

+MP is bad because with how low spell costs are and the abundance of MP pots, you do not need higher base MP.

+HP is bad because HP does not help as much as you would think. Players will be hitting you for around 7k damage, which means having another 500HP from gear will help you survive another 0 attacks.

+Gold Dropped from monsters is bad because only about 5% of your total gold comes from monsters.

For offensive weapons, the best stats are Attack Speed, then Deadly, then +ATK.

Attack Speed increases how fast you can attack. With how attack speed works in the game, +7 aspd = +7% damage if you have 100 aspd. If you have 140 aspd, another 7 would give you 5% damage.

Deadly is a really large crit that does 150% total damage. (Vital is max damage, so if your damage is 700-1100, vital will do 1100). Slay is 300% total damage. Fatal is 1000% (this is untested, and just an estimate) total damage. Also, all of these can stack. Anyways, since Deadly adds 50% damage, a 10% chance to proc deadly adds 5% total damage.

+ATK just adds straight attack, so it's useful if you cannot get the other two stats.

HPK and MPK are relatively useless since anything you will be have trouble with is 1 or 2 enemies, so getting health or mana on a kill does not help you at all.



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