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When you have obtained a piece of equipment, you may start to improve its stats on the Forge panel.


 Click “Forge” to open the panel as shown below:



Select the equipment you want to refine, make sure you have the required materials, and then click felspire_forge_panel_guide_3 button to start refining. You may also tick felspire_forge_panel_guide_4 to start auto refining. The system will automatically refine the equipment to the designated level.

Lv 1 Refine Stones, Lv 2 Refine Stones and Lv 3 Refine Stones are needed for refining equipment to different levels. Lv 1 Refine Stones can be obtained from Workshop, event gift packs and killing monsters outside dungeons. Lv 2 and Lv 3 Refine Stones can be obtained from fusing Lv 1 Refine Stones.
The success rate of refining equipment is always 100%. You will see the improvement every time when you’ve refined the equipment to a higher level. Rare equipment can be refined to higher levels, it will greatly increase your combat power.


When the equipment’s refine level is higher, stat points will increase by each refine level. When the equipment has reached its maximum refine level, its appearance will also change. When you have collected a whole set of equipment, some special ability of the equipment set will be unlocked, and your combat power will be greatly increased.


Click felspire_forge_panel_guide_6 button to open the panel as shown below:

This function is highly related to the refine function. It allows you to spend some gold to transfer the refine level from old equipment to new equipment. Your investment in the old equipment will not be wasted.
When you click  to transfer the refine level from a piece of equipment, a notice will pop up  felspire_forge_panel_guide_9 to let you confirm the transfer.


Click felspire_forge_panel_guide_7 button to open the panel as shown below:


Obsidian is required for boosting a piece of equipment. It can be obtained by killing monsters of Lv 150 or above. Boosting your equipment can greatly increase your combat power.



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