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Farmob is an original and free multiplayer online browser based strategy game. You can build towns with friends, recruit assassins and soldiers to defend your farm, PK with other players. Here is the game tour:

Farmob Screenshots


There are two most important resources in Farmob: coins and meat. Coins can be earned by doing agricultural work while meat can be obtained through your husbandry efforts. For purchasing seeds, upgrading skills, and constructing buildings, coins are widely used. For military activities such as recruiting soldiers and training assassins etc., meat is the preferred resource.

Farmob Screenshots


During the game, you can easily switch views between District, Town, and Farm. You will begin as a poor farmer, but with some hard toil, prudent use of your resources, and a little luck, you can construct a flourishing town. When the foundations of your society have been laid, you may lead your people to rule the district, build your empire, and achieve your ultimate goal of ruling the world! What farmer could have imagined all this was possible?

Farmob Screenshots

Farmer Skills

Players can change the professions of their characters by training them in different skills: pure farming, magic, warmongering, ranged killer, theft, and many more. Some skills can be upgraded based on experience while others can be upgraded using coins and meat. LV99 is the maximum value for each skill, but it is almost impossible to obtain that level of mastery for every skill—so make your choices wisely.

Farmob Screenshots


On a live and controllable battlefield, the battle is more like watching a sports match! You can change the formations and monitor every movement of your legions with visible score marks. With eighteen unique legion types, a variety of weapons, and formation balances, each battle becomes more unpredictable and you will enjoy the strategic challenge.

Now you have learnt the basics of the Farmob adventure, why not register for free and start your own farm now!



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