Farmerama Guide: Neighbors/Green Meadow F.A.Q.

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How do I get friends to access the space in the new farm? What does access the new Farm Space cost?... Every question about your new farm and problem about getting neighbors in Farmerama can be answered and solved here. Check below.

Neighbors/Green Meadow F.A.Q.

By cbroo1 on official forum

Question: How do I get friends to access the space in the new farm?

Answer: For the new friend system please take a look at this announcment:

At Farmerama, you can now turn your friends into your neighbors and enjoy some good ol’ times with them out in the country.

Whether you talk with your neighbors over the fence or get one of your neighbors to help you out on the farm, a close-knit community of friends and neighbors always has a lot of benefits...More

Q: What does access the new Farm Space cost?

A: If you have at least 42,500 EP (level 17 in the new system) then it costs nothing, if you are below this EP level you will have to pay 100BBs for access

Q: Will I lose land if I lose a friend?

A: Yes - the new farm space has 12 spaces for a maximum of 12 friends, if you lose a friend you lose that part of the farm.

Q: How do I get Items to the new farm?

A: All the items which you can build are also available to the other side of the farm, at the moment you cannot move items from one farm to the other.

Q: Which side will be used for the photo?

A: At the moment only the front side.

Q: What is rent-a-farmer, what does it cost?

A: Rent-a-farmer can be used if you do not have 12 friends, you can rent as many friends as you like (up to 12 at one time). They each cost 15 BBs and will keep one space clear for one month.

Q: Do friends have to stay active?

A: Yes, if they don’t then the farm space will be lost.

Q: How does the bonus EP work?

A: The bonus EP that you receive when you congratulate your neighbors for leveling up is calculated by your level in relation to the level of your buddy...



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