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Fantasy of Swords

When we reach Lvl. 20, the Home Land can be accessed. We'd like to make a guide about Home Land, so we collect some info from official forum. Hope this guide can help you. Thank you for all the players who sharing with their experience.

Home Land

How to build up the home?

Go to Eastern Yujing City,I suggest you use transfer platform. Then go to Royal Residence and Click on the 2nd Figure(woman) who is the Home Messenger.

Home Massenger

Con the Home Messenger, it will pop up a box. Choose 'Building up The Home' in the box.

Quest List

Continuously, click on the Home Button which would be on the right hand side of the Home Messenger.

Home Button

Then turn back to the Home Messenger following the picture as below.


After done that, the Home Messenger will ask you to develop you home.

Developer the Home

So click on Home Scene to enter the Home.


When you enter the Home, you will see the view. It is your home.


Ok, it's time to plant something now. Click on the Package Button, you will get 3 Daisy Seeds from the Home Messenger.

Pack Button

Then Select the seeds.


And Click on a Empty Field Slots to Plant the Seeds.


Basic Operation

CollectCollect: used to collect matured flowers. 

ShovelShovel: used to clear the land after collecting the flowers.

PackPack: used to plant seeds again on the fields.

LogLog: ueed to check the details of what all seeds we planted and when they were plucked.

The Required Materials for Upgrading Fields:

To develop fields we need a particular amount of Natural Silk, Lumber, Ore and Spirit Beads..

We will show the exact amounts of them with the screenshots.

Level 1 - Level 2

Level 2

Level 2 - Level 3

Level 3

Level 3 - Level 4

Level 4

Level 4 - Level 5

Level 5

Treasure Pavilion

Treasure Pavilion

Treasure Pavilion consists of two things: Background(scenery) and Guardian Beast.


Treasure Pavilion

We can change the Background according to scenery we like.

Cuardian Beast

Guardian beast Protects the Flowers from stealing of flowers. If caught by Guardian Beast while stealing flowers from other farm .200 Coppers are deducted from the Backpack.

Guardian Beast is given by Home Messenger when we are new at our Home to Seta Guardian we have use the Egg from the bagpack and go to Treasure pavilion to set it.

Treasure Pavilion

Treasure Pavilion


Home Fairy Tree

Home Fairy Tree

We can make seeds of the flowers from fairy tree. We can make Nectar to get Fairy Fate from fairy tree as well... and make blacksmithing papers.

We can create Pets from fairy tree by using fairy fate points and beads from the fairy tree and make Home rings, Dragon Spirit Fairy crystals and potions from the tree to make plants grow faster.

Some items cost copper, Fairy Fate and/or Spirit Bead next to flowers that are needed.

Home Fairy Tree


By clicking on this button, we can go to help feed or play with their pets. We can also steal flowers from them, too.


We can roam around our friends or strangers fields and Feed their pets or steal Flowers from them as long as we have stamina.

When Feed others Guarding beast, we will get Fairy Fate Points.

You can do this when you are going to sleep or when u are grinding the whole day or before the Reset time (5.00 Server Time) and use up all your stamina points.


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