Fantasy of Swords Guide: Evil Eliminating

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Fantasy of Swords

In Fantasy of Swords, Evil eliminating is a great way for players to earn extra coppers and experience each day by grouping up with friends and killing a few tough monsters, after they have reached level 20.

Getting Started - Evil-eliminating Tokens

In order to start eliminating evils, you first have to get Evil-eliminating Tokens.  At the Royal Residence in Yujing City, you can complete the daily quest "Claiming Evil-eliminating Token (Daily)" to get 10 tokens by talking to the Castellan.  You will receive tokens that are for your level range, like 20-29, 30-39 and etc. The tokens don't expire, so you can accept them, build up a little pile, and do them all later.

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Accept The Quest and Get Your Target

After you have some tokens, you can accept the "Eliminating The Evil And Demon" quest by talking to the Castellan again.  He will ask you which level monsters you would like to challenge.  You can only accept the quest for the level range that you have tokens for, and accepting the quest will remove 1 token.

Although you are given a random monster to kill, you can insure that every party member has the same target by having only 1 person accept the quest and then share it with the rest of the party.  You will still have a token removed if you accept the quest shared by another.
The quest is currently bugged, and will not show you the directions to your target in the quest log after you accept it, so pay attention when the Castellan tells you the first time.  If you have forgotten, you can turn on Quest Tracking to tell which monster you are supposed to kill, and look below to see their location.

The Enemies

20 Daffodil
Xuantian Lake - Star Coast
Blue-water Monster
Qingyun Palace - Sunset Gulf
Rock Demon
Zanglong City - Asura Out-domain
Home-lost Ghost
Yujing City - Sword Pavilion
30 Lantern Catfish
Yujing City - River Confluence
Undead Soldier
Yujing City - Mausoleum
Sleep Demon
Yujing City - Mobei Plain
Gore Crow
Yujing City - Meridian Cliff
40 Red-tail Fox
Sanfu Town - Fuqi Mountain
Giant Octopus
Sanfu Town - Western Sea Harbour
Invisible Tree-bear
Sanfu Town - Moon Valley
Ghost-face Baboon
Sanfu Town - Wondering Gully

After you've killed your target, you can turn the quest in at the Castellan to get your reward, and accept another Evil-eliminating quest.


The Evil-eliminating enemies also drop items that can be used to boost your Kungfu rep.

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