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Family Guy Online:

There are fans all around the world that love the strange and inappropriate humor of Family Guy. When the free-to-play browser game Family Guy Online was announced, we have to admit – we squealed a little bit, too. So, after a number of updates and improvements since the original launch, we thought it was high time that we tried our hand at experiencing the Family Guy universe ourselves.

Creating Our Own Quahogian… Quahogite… Quahoger?

So, let’s get right down to business. We wanted our own character. There seem to be plenty of choices in terms of characters, with four different character classes available. These are the “archetypes” and are represented by none other than the Griffins themselves. Peter is what would be considered a typical “tank” character – heavy set and ready to rumble. Stewie, small and devious, is much less resilient but is ready to dish out some serious damage. Chris and Meg are typical teenagers and are a good balance of damage and health. Lois is caring and loves her family… hence why she is the more supportive class in Family Guy Online. We found the character selection to be simple and easy-to-use, letting us choose our characters while already getting us mixed in with some of the Family Guy cast.


Family Guy Online Screenshot

After looking through our choices, we decided to go with the classic teenager. We could choose our hair, clothes, mouth, eyes – everything. The most exciting part is the animations and features appear exactly as they do in the famed television series. Once everything was settled, all we had to do was choose a name…
Our First Steps and Quests on Spooner Street
With our fancy slacks and cool jacket, we hit the town of Quahog ready for action. We got our first quest objective, which is part of the tutorial, and we were off. Apparently, our first stop was none other than the Griffin home. The tutorial in itself is quite helpful – it highlighted all of the main features of the game while getting us to run around the neighborhood and explore Spooner Street a little bit.

We continued on after the tutorial and began completing quests for the other fine inhabitants of Quahog. Naturally, there were other famous faces like the strange Mayor Adam West and the man of turrible foot odor, Cleveland.

Family Guy Online Screenshot

The quests were fairly standard… go here and get that, go there and beat up a kid. You know, the usual. There was no real story behind what we were doing but then again, Family Guy itself has no real continuing story, so we felt like it was a good fit.

Again, Family Guy Online had some fun surprises in store for us. As we continued questin’ along, there would sometimes be some hilarious video clips from the show itself that were either relevant or completely irrelevant (which made it funnier) to the task at hand.

Family Guy Online Screenshot

The world of Family Guy Online is actually quite large. Fortunately, it is not so large that it is a pain to run around and do quests. There is plenty of stuff to explore and naturally, some fancy landmarks directly from the show itself.

We thoroughly enjoyed being able to walk around the Griffin household. It allowed us to experience one of the most recognizable areas from the series like never before. Heading up the stairs to visit Chris, checking out Megs room or just chilling in the living room where the family Griffin often sits and watches strange television shows.



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