Fallen Worlds Online Guide: Card Locking from Phase 1 to Phase 6

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Fallen Worlds Online

Fallen Worlds Online is a game of skirmishes between rival armies based upon the popular Daemornia RPG. Here is a guide which explains six Phases of playing the game.

Gameplay: Card Locking from Phase 1 to Phase 6

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Starting Game: The game will wait for both players to be active and once so, it will pass the first turn to a random player.

Draw Hand: Each player draws the top five cards from their Library at the beginning of the game.


Whenever a creature is declared as an Attacker the creature and all its attached cards (the stack) is locked. This indicates that the cards in the stack cannot be used against until they are unlocked. Some abilities may also force the stack to be locked when they are used.

Phase 1 - Rescourse & Unlocking

Resources (Res) represent the facilities and stock at the disposal of the player. They are spent in exchange for deploying cards and/or using card abilities. For example, deploying a Nominod creature card costs three (3) Res. At the beginning of each turn, the current player must roll two D6 dice (2D6) for resources gathered this turn. The highest individual roll of these dice is added to the Resources available. During this Phase all cards are also unlocked.

Phase 2 - Healing

Any injured or damaged card deployed by the player will heal one Hp. There are some cards that will also provide additional healing, such as those with the Heal ability, and those cards can only be used during this Phase.

Phase 3 - Draw

The player now draws a new card from their Library into their hand. At the end of the complete turn the player can hold no more that eight cards. If the player has eight cards already in their hand at this Phase, the drawn card is discarded. If the player cannot draw a card (their deck is empty) they will lose one Capital point.

Phase 4 - Deploy

The player may now put as many cards from their hand into play as they wish, paying the Res of each card before it can be deployed. If the player does not have enough Res available the card cannot be deployed. Each card displays their Res requirement on a black orb in the upper left corner.


Fallen Worlds Online
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